Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stress Less Saturday

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! The videos I have selected for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag/Juste pour Rire

KLM Surf - Destination Indonesia

Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

Air Baltic Business Lounge

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you start to enjoy your life.

Go on a hate loss plan as your weight loss plan. Lose the anger, regret and stress and you'll lose the overeating. 

Breathe and respond.  Don't just react and act.

Hang in there!  It's not always comfortable when something new is developing...and sometimes the greatest successes are born from the deepest challenges.

Always aim high, work hard and care deeply about what you believe in.  And, when you stumble, keep faith, and when you're knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can't or shouldn't go on.

We spend our whole life being unhappy: being afraid of losing what we have.  Being frustrated for not getting what we want...and in the process we overlook the priceless goodness present in our lives each and every moment.

Every thought, every action, creates ripples through this indefinite field of consciousness.  You are far more powerful than you realize.

We all smile in the same language.

The moment I say positive affirmations, I step out of the victim role.  I am no longer helpless.  I acknowledge my own power.

Canadian Lemmings "After you..."

Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion.

Anyone can show up when you're happy.  But the ones who stay by your side when your heart falls apart, they are your true friends. - Brigitte Nicole

Look back in forgiveness, forward in hope, down in compassion, and up with gratitude. - Zig Ziglar

When we think positive thoughts we attract positive outcomes.  So watch the way your mind is turning!

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. A hate-loss plan!! I love that so much! That is the perfect goal for everyone. Even the best of us have some ill-will to lay down and walk away from TODAY!

    Such a sweet, refreshing blog, Linda. Love and hugs.

  2. Always admire those who can surf! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  3. Indonesia, very near where I live - I am in Sarawak, the northern Malaysian part of the island of Borneo, the southern portion is Kalimantan, Indonesia.

  4. Kiitos kauniita kuvia ja vidoita Hyvää viikon loppua Linda :)

  5. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Indonesia is a beautiful country Linda. I wish you a nice weekend.

  6. all of these are great, I prefer the 'don't wait for everything to be perfect' and the Dog love video , Have a Happy Weekend in Montréal

  7. Bonjour chère Linda,

    Je suis un peu à droite et à gauche en ce moment aussi je manque certaines de vos belles publications !!
    Aujourd'hui je me suis rattrapée et je viens de passer un très agréable moment.
    Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend.

    Gros bisous ♡

  8. super luxe chez air baltic
    coucou ce we est gris et pluvieux , une fine pluie qui tombe et finit par donner froid a mes vieux os ....

    bisous et a demain

  9. A very beautiful endless story, Linda... 'Breathe and respond'...

  10. Love everything but the doggy video was special and for me.

  11. Will there be any perfection in our life?

  12. So sorry I am so behind! I like the one about waiting for things to be perfect. Totally fits me!

  13. You have once again chosen some great videos and quotes. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Hate loss instead of weight loss and the Canadian lemmings stood out to me! Thanks :)

  15. Linda, you have so great things here again. That doggy video was really great, thank you. Have a good weekend!

  16. Good morning Linda. It's sunny today but cold in Amherstburg, Ontario. I guess, the summer is finished. Once again you have presented and wonderful groups of statements. The laugh this morning is very funny. I wonder what would do if someone was going down and up escalator. Interesting?
    Have a great Saturday my friend. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  17. Love the gag. That was most clever.

    Oh the five things to find out if your dog loves you. We pass here too.

    Love the business lounge. What a great place.

    Have a fabulous day Linda. ☺

  18. I really like that dog video!

  19. funny lemmings one

  20. Love the dog video and the "go on a hate loss plan".
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  21. Hello! Nos hemos hartado de reír mi hijo y yo con el primer vídeo del ciego en las escaleras mecánicas y hemos gozado viendo el de Indonesia. Gracias por hacernos sentir tan bien.
    ¡Un beso!

  22. Some great material here today, Linda. The gag is wonderful. I have a hard time with those things without being blind! Love the Canadian lemmings (again, that could be easily said about Minnesotans!), and the smile quote. They're all very good, though!

  23. I watched the entire video about knowing whether your dog loves you. I often wonder! She doesn't cuddle with me after eating, but she passed all the other tests!

  24. I love them all, especially "Go on a hate loss plan"..."Don't wait for everything to be perfect". These two really resonated within me.
    Thank you so much...:)

  25. I have to confess that for the last few years I have been "breathing" more and "reacting" less. :-) It works.

    Greetings from London.

  26. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

  27. We all smile in the same language... so true, I love it!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  28. Hope your Saturday is a good one.

  29. hope you are doing well, love you

  30. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Ha ha... I don't know if it's okay to make fun of blind people, but that sure is funny. Anyway, I will be away for a week, Linda. So I see you next week. Take care.

  31. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Thank you, Linda.
    Nice videos, the blind man, very funny, Indonesia beautiful.
    That we are, moor, powerful than we think, and that we all smile in the same language, that’s true.
    I like every think.
    Thank you very much.

  32. That one really stuck with me today - don't make a permanent decision for a temporary emotion. Very sound advice.

  33. Love the image and quote in Compassion, Love and Respect. So beautiful!

  34. The JFL gang does it again. Great gag. Love the sweet yellow lab.

  35. Lovely uplifting post as always. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  36. Great post! I love the JFL. and all the quotes! Have a nice weekend!


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