Monday, August 27, 2018

A Big Hello!!!

Hello my dear cousins and friends!  

I have disabled comments for this post, as I have no idea when I am able to be online.

It has been such a very long time since I have made a blog post...almost 10 months!  I do not have a computer nor internet access, and I am writing this post at a library on one of their computers.

I wanted to let you all know how very much I appreciate all the help you have given me, both financial and emotional, over the last year and then some.  

I have been seeing a rhumatologist, who tells me that I have a specific type of arthritis called Psoriatic Arthritis, which explains the itching and peeling skin on my hands and feet, as well as the few attacks of uveitis that I have experienced.  She has prescribed something for pain, which works fantastically, as I have had virtually no arthritis pain for 3 months now!
Normally I can have a lot of pain, especially during the summer, and this summer has been extremely hot and humid, and not just here in Montreal, but everywhere, it seems.  In Quebec, as far as I know, over 100 people have died and the heat and humidity have been factors.  Two people in my building alone died in the last month!

I have been doing well, thank God I have had no bouts with depression, with is a huge relief to me, as you can imagine, as I have struggled with it for decades now.

I am very happy in my new apartment, I moved in on November 4th, and my sweet cat, Romeo, is with me and he loves it, too!  It has a lot of natural light, is spacious and very clean, and being on the 6th floor I have great views of the trees, mountains and buildings.  There is no building blocking my views, so this makes for some spectacular sights.

Again, I wish to thank you all for the help you have given me be it financially or emotionally, I do not think I could have managed without you all.

Love and hugs to you all, and God bless you!