Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekend Tranquility and Depression

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Those of you who have been followers of my blog for a while now are aware that I struggle with depression, and that I have for decades now.  I have been on medication for this and it does help me.  I also had thyroid issues which only made the depression worse, but thankfully I have a good doctor and he was able to discover this and help me with it.  I just discovered something in the last month or so that I wanted to share with you all and that has been helping me tremendously.  Now I don't know if this will help others who struggle with depression, but I feel that it is worth mentioning, as it certainly can't hurt to try (so long as you don't have an allergy to tomatoes!)

For the last about over a month I have been consuming tomatoes on a very regular basis (at least 4 days a week, and sometimes several days in a row)...and it doesn't matter if the tomatoes are fresh or canned, the results are the same.  I discovered that my mood has been improved considerably, to the point that I haven't had any feelings of despair.  In other words, the tomatoes seem to be really helping me a lot with the depression.  Before I discovered this over a month ago, even with the medication I am taking for depression I would still have episodes with the depression, but now I have been feeling so much better.  The best thing about this is that I discovered this totally by accident, and that I love tomatoes, so it is a win-win situation for me.  I can eat tomatoes every day, once a day with a meal, and they have many other health benefits as well!  My favourite way to eat tomatoes is the following:  I make mashed potatoes, heat up some canned tomatoes and spoon them over the potatoes, with some of the juice as well.  It not only keeps the mashed potatoes hot much longer but even though it may be a little mushy, I don't mind at all, because it is delicious!  :) You can have this with either chicken, pork, sausages or whatever meat you have.  If you are a vegetarian, perhaps some zucchini sauteed with onions would be a lovely side for this!  You don't have to struggle with depression to get the health benefits and enjoyment from tomatoes, I am just sharing that it has helped me tremendously. I hope that by sharing this discovery it may help some people.  

The videos I have chosen for this post are:

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