Wednesday, March 07, 2012

More 1960's Childhood Memories

I find that, at least for myself, in some instances, the 1960's seem like just yesterday.  Yet, in other instances, it seems like oh, so long ago!  I thought I would share more memories from the 60's with you all and hope that my memories spur on some great memories for you as well!

The things I will be sharing here today are things that seem like just yesterday for my memories of these things are fond and vivid.  Firstly, my mother had a table setting like the photo I am going to share here. It was a Currier and Ives setting...Blue Willow.
My mother always wore an apron back could be either a half apron like the photo I am sharing here...or a full apron which also covered the chest.
The half apron my mother had was pretty much like the one pictured above.  I actually have a few aprons...but to be honest, I never remember to wear them when I am working in the kitchen.  LOL!  

Another thing I remember well is that my parents had a telephone table similar to the one pictured here with a funky design.  There was a place to sit down as well as a place to store a telephone book.

And last but certainly not least is the F W Woolworth stores.  Those stores were great;  they sold just about everything at fantastic prices, and the atmosphere was always warm and friendly.  They had a really nice and long brown lunch counter where you could have breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Their sandwiches and soups were fresh and tasty, and their desserts (cakes and pies) were so fresh and delectable.
Thank you all so much for visiting me here, and I really look forward to your memories, so please feel free to comment.


  1. We had the Currier and Ives set . . . first in blue and then in green. Each week the neighborhood grocery store had a special on a certain dish. That's how my mom bought them. She didn't wear an apron, but my grandma always did. I always think of Grandma when I see an apron. When I'd go to visit my aunts in Chicago, the lunch counter was always a big draw. I also loved the photo booth they had. Good memories!

  2. I still have some pieces of that china - a couple of coffee saucers that I got from my grandmother a long time ago.

    That same grandmother had a telephone chair similar to the one you posted a photo of. She had a big black telephone with a rotary dial, but she had replaced the regular shorter cord with a long one. I remember how it got tangled if it was stretched too far for too long.

    I grew up in the 60s too (I was born in late 1959) and even though I was still very young in the 60s, I remember quite a bit. It's nice to reminisce.


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