Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Bar Soap

Today I thought it would be great to share my memories of bar soap from days gone by.  I remember that Ivory soap claimed that they were the "only soap that floats."  Whilst doing a search on vintage soap I noticed that there were two other soaps that floated.  One of the soaps was called "Fairy", the other was "Swan".  Here are a couple of photos of Fairy soap.
As you can see on these photos, it mentions that it is a floating soap.  

Another vintage soap I remember well, and that is still sold today, is Ivory.  What I don't remember, though, is that it was also used to hand wash clothes in its bar form...as this ad illustrates.  

Another bar soap I remember well is Sweetheart.  Here is a vintage photo of this one.

And last but not least for today on the topic of vintage soap is Swan.  I don't remember it as well as the others but seeing this photo reminded me of it.  As you will see in the photo, it claims to be a floating soap!
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  1. Kim Stanley Lawyer12:22 PM

    Sweetheart soap and another soap named CASHMERE BOUQUET were two soaps that had a very strong perfumed smell. In Girl Scouts & perhaps 4H, too, we would use these soaps to make craft projects. A piece of colored yard goods netting, some hat pins with decorative heads & some pretty ribbon was all that was required to make a pretty free standing fish, Most ladies would display them on the top of toilet tanks. They were decorative & retained their scent for a LONG time!

  2. Dear Wren, thank you for visiting me today and leaving a lovely comment. I read your profile and think you are a wonderful, optimistic and positive lady with what you have overcome! I also think your premise for your unique blog is fresh and different! I love that you take something from the past and tell a story! I hope to visit often and get new insight from simple things from our past. N.xo

  3. Hi Nella,

    Thank you so much for visiting me here and for your kind comments. It really touches my heart and I truly appreciate your words.

    Hi Kim,

    Wow, I had forgotten all about Cashmere Bouquet! Thanks for sharing that and for your comments here.

  4. Hi Wren
    Thanks for the kind comment.
    Hey, there's only a couple of months between our ages! But I had a far easier time of it than you've had. Keep up the blog, it's therapeutic as well as informative...
    All the best
    Geoff, NB Seyella, UK

  5. I love the sweetheart soap packaging! Really cute!

  6. Do you remember a bar soap that was sold throughout the 60s into the 80s with a highly perfumed scent? I cannot think of the name of it, but it had a floral baby powder scent that was really dramatic. I'm leaning towards Woodbury, but I'm not sure it was manufactured into the 1980s. Where I lived it was readily available at the grocery store stocked with Cashmere Bouquet, Jergens and the others.

    1. Hi Donna,

      I remember the fragrance...now that you mention it, but no the name of it. Thanks for your comment.

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