Friday, April 13, 2012

Old Post Office

Remember the old post office?  

Thank you so much for visiting me here, and I really look forward to hearing your memories and thoughts of the old post office.  Please click on the "comments" link at the end of my post to share.


  1. Il est toujours amusant de pouvoir admirer d'anciennes photos...
    Gros bisous

  2. You find the coolest photographs. I love them. I love the truck that reads "save time get a mailbox". I guess everyone used to just go pick their mail up at the post office back then.


  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Wonderful old photos.
    Growing up in a small town, I would walk to my grandma's each day and she lived two doors from the post office. Back then, I think there were 5 parking places. Today that small town and p.o. are huge!!!!!

  4. I remember the Woolworths in your header!!! Now Dollar Stores are the new Five & Dimes

  5. Thanks for sharing these old photos with us. They certainly evoke simpler days. But it wasn't too may years ago that we had to pick up our mail at the post office. There was no home delivery in the town in which we lived.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  6. 'Save time, get a mail box' ... how terrific is that! Love these oldies, Linda, especially your new header ... Woolworth's in all it's old glory, sadly no longer. My aunt worked for them for many years. It was a good store then but towards the end it descended into a trashy establishment. I'm talking about my part of the UK, it could have been better elsewhere.

  7. Our Post Office hasn't changed in years. I will have to look for the real old ones since I can't recall seeing any. I have tons of old pics from our town. I used to love Woolworth's. We had a smaller one in the next town over and a larger one in the city. It was fun to go sit at the lunch counter. I love looking at the old pictures. Thanks for sharing yours with us Linda!!


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