Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Cash Registers

I have briefly mentioned the vintage cash registers in one or two previous posts.  They were ornate, large, looking almost clumsy as compared to the newer ones of today...but they had such an appeal!  I can still remember the sounds they made even today, and this is going back about 45 years, as I was around 10 years old when I was in an F W Woolworth store with my father.  He was buying me a colouring book with the picture of a lion on it.  Actually, it wasn't a photo, more like a drawing, but I remember listening to the sound of the cash was large and brown and made such a pleasant jingle sound.  I loved it.  

Here are some photos of vintage cash registers.  The photos I am sharing are not of the "ornate" cashes, but nonetheless had appeals all of their own.  The first photo of the large brown cash register is a 1949 National Cash Register (NCR) model.  This is exactly, if not very close to the cash that I remember as a little girl.  

This second photo is of a 1945 model.

This last photo is of a 1921 model.

Back in those days, when the number buttons of the cash were pushed, (as I recall), they stayed down...until the larger button on the right (first photo) was pressed, then the buttons popped back up.  These are my memories of cash registers from days gone by.

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  1. The first one is most familiar to me. Back in 1960, we lived in Scottsdale, Arizona and our neighbor was retired from the National Cash Register Company. Great guy!

  2. I love old cash registers as well! I found your comment on my cooking blog, My Country Kitchen and wanted to stop by to say hello! I remember Woolsworth stores and I loved the way the cash registers sounded!

  3. I love anything vintage, so much beauty in them.

  4. You do take me back, Linda. I agree with you that modern registers aren't anywhere near as attractive as the oldies. Not that I see many, nowadays it's all credit card swiping. I offered cash to a sales assistant the other day and she looked at me in horror. She said she hadn't dealt with a cash customer for years. Amazing.

  5. makes me think of every register i ever used at work! none were as prestigious as these tho.. :)