Friday, May 25, 2012

My News...and Good News!

If you are new to my blog...welcome!  For those of you who have been following my blog, a welcome and thank you to you all!  

For the sake of my newer readers, I will give a little background about me so that this post will make more sense.  When I was in elementary and high school, I was put into a special class in grade 2 that was geared for "slow learners."  I was in such a class right up to grade 10 in high school.  Thanks to some good friends and people who know me well, both on the internet as well as face to face, I am now believing that my having been in a special class was a mistake.  See, I have a different way of viewing things and of processing information.  I am soft spoken, more of a listener than a talker (except with close friends), and this is because I find that I learn much by listening and watching people and things.  I am a deep thinker, I like to take my time to learn things...and to learn them well.  

That having all been said, I have told my doctor and medical authorities as well as the government about my having been in a special class, because it does affect me.  I have absolutely no problem learning new skills on my own at my own pace and with people who are kind and patient.  However, if I am in a very stressful environment and with impatient and angry people, I tend to freeze.  I don't like to be yelled at, (I suppose most people don't), and I need time to absorb things in a more relaxed setting.  Once I learn something, I learn it thoroughly and well, and am able to help others to learn it, because I am patient and understand and can empathize with (especially) people who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, the elderly, etc.  

Now that I have given you all a rundown on myself, here is my news.  As I mentioned, I told my doctor and medical authorities as well as the government about the fact that I was in a special class in school.  Whether or not it was an error that I was in such a class, some good things are coming out of it and I am very grateful for this.  I am working with an employment counselor which has been assigned to me by the government...she is very good!  She specializes in helping people with both physical and intellectual disabilities.  I am also prone to depression, unfortunately, but am on medication for this at this time...and I have weakness in my hands due to arthritis and because I broke my right wrist in two places 5 years ago in a work accident.  

Now...the employment counselor who is working with me has been absolutely wonderful.  I feel very blessed to have her, as she knows a lot about the laws here as far as work goes, and she has been opening doors for me in this aspect.  She has told me that I am eligible for a government salary grant.  I am not sure exactly what it entails...however, what I do know is that this means that a potential employer will be more likely to hire me...even with my limited skills, because the government will subsidize part of my salary with the employer, apparently encouraging the employer to hire me and spend more time training me and helping me to upgrade my skills.  I am bilingual (French and English) and have good communication skills, but where I am lacking in skills is with the new technology.

I am in the job search mode right now...and deeply, and I would greatly appreciate your prayers and thoughts on my behalf.

So that is my good news!  Thank you all so much for visiting me here and for listening.  I really appreciate your support and kindness.  Please feel free to share your thoughts by clicking on the "comments" link at the end of my post.


  1. Une publication qui me touche beaucoup... J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à vous visiter.Gros bisous

  2. It was nice getting to know you and what you experience in your past! You sound a lot like me- I am soft spoken, except with my close friends, I like relaxed environments, I hate when people get angry and I like helping people. I will pray that God will lead you to the right job Linda! Great post!!

  3. This is wonderful news, I am so glad for you! Have you been working? In the past, so many kids have been put in slow learner classes who are actually really smart, but have different things that interfere with learning. My husband works with many of these people. I am The Prayer Lady at church, so I will be praying that you get the job perfectly suited to you. And I must say you couldn't be too bad at tech things if you can run a blog!

  4. Anonymous4:40 AM

    This is wonderful news and certainly I pray that you find just the right job.

  5. While you may learn a little differently than most folks, I suspect that even much of that was caused by lazy and ignorant teachers who chose to pass you on to someone else rather than do their job. That left you having to learn as you best could. Whatever the cause, I'm glad that you're getting some help. From what I've seen of your blog, you are an intelligent and caring person. You will certainly have my prayers. God bless you!

  6. Thoughts and prayers go with you my friend, its nice to get to know about folk too.
    All the best in all you do.

  7. Thank you all so much! I have worked in the fact, I got my first job at the age of 17 right out of high school. I have done office work (but that was when typewriters were around, LOL!), I worked in retail, I worked in maintenance (cleaning apartments for a property management firm...then they hired me to supervise electricians on a project they were doing to upgrade the electrical capacity in their buildings from fuses to breakers. They asked me to do the job because they knew that I was very familiar with their buildings (I was a tenant as well as an employee), and they knew they could trust me with the master keys for all the apartments. Part of my job there was not only to supervise the electricians but to act as a mediator between the electricians and the tenants, to explain to the tenants what was going to take place. I also was responsible for reporting to the property owners if there was any damage in any of the apartments of the tenants, if the apartments were dirty and unkempt, and if there was any insect activity. Because of my physical limitations I am looking for an office type job now. Where I am lacking in skills is with the new office equipment...and Word, Excel and Powerpoint, which I am trying to pick up on my own as best I can.

  8. Your news is very good indeed! I hope your job search goes well. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Keep on the searching.

  10. Thanks for sharing it, Linda...
    May God's most precious blessings come to you.

  11. I'm so happy for you. I hope you find something very soon. Don't forget about me :)

  12. i pray u find something soon Linda!! im so happy this counselor really has your best interests at heart!! what a great incentive to employers to hire employees.. i wish every country would offer this! cant wait to hear ur good news.

  13. This is well written post and thanks for sharing your feelings.You are an intelligent and creative person. From what I could understand you have what people term as dyslexia or learning disability.A large percent of students are dyslexic in varying degrees - from mild to extreme.If identified at the right age this can be corrected through special care. In fact this is not a disability at all. As you have yourself said you wish to learn at your own speed and in a kind, understanding and stress free atmosphere. You are fortunate to have a patient & understanding counselor.
    I wish you good luck and I have no doubt that you will find a suitable job !

    1. Thanks so much for your kind response! I am not sure that I have dyslexia, as I don't have the habit of mixing up numbers as is common among those with dyslexia. I think that the teacher who decided that I belonged in that class just didn't understand me. We are all different, and have different ways of learning things. I am more of a visual person and I have a feeling that the teacher didn't know how to deal with me so she put me in a class where she felt that I was best suited. I forgot to mention that a couple of my teachers in the special class told me that they found that I was too bright for the class...yet nothing was done. I think things were quite different back then as opposed to today. Thanks so much for your comment.

  14. Thank you all so much for your comments, I greatly appreciate it!

  15. Anonymous9:20 PM

    You are such a wonderfull person , for sure you will find a wonderful job that suits u,


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