Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Vintage Advertisements

I found some interesting vintage ads that I thought I would share with you all.  I was wondering if any of you know about and/or remember them.  

This first Kraft product ad...I don't remember this one at all.  (the ad or the product)

This next ad for Toastmaster...I don't recall the ad, but I remember this type of model toaster very well.  I had a Sunbeam one like it for years, and it was great!

This next vintage sign for restrooms...I find it great in that at least you can tell which is the men's and which is the women's.  Today's signs are harder to tell, as if you don't look carefully you can wind up in the wrong one.  LOL!  

This next ad for Listerine.  I have always known about the mouthwash but this vintage ad intrigued me.

This last vintage ad...I had never heard about it until I saw this ad.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here, and I look forward to your responses.  Please click on the "comments" link to share your thoughts.


  1. They are some neat oldies. I have not seen any of them. I can't imagine marshmallow cream with peanut butter but I guess that didn't take off. I really like your header photo of the koi. Wow.

  2. What a great set! Also like the Koi on the header.

  3. I enjoy these "vintage" posts of your very much. Perhaps I didn't pay much attention to some advertising years ago, but while I remember the products I don't remember these ads at all. They are great fun, though. Peanut butter and Marshmallow Cream! What won't they think of next. I remember peanut butter and honey sandwiches; cucumber sandwiches with peanut butter and Lois remembers sandwiches made with nothing more than Miracle Whip!

  4. Heard of all products and I love Peanut butter -crunchy type.

  5. oh i remember was sorta like that marshmellow stuff..neva liked it tho..just like nutella or strawberry quik..just some things from the 70s i refused to love that Koi pix..i love feeding them..they nibble on ur gentle & personable fish <3

  6. I am pretty old, but I think these ads are even older than me! Got a nice surprise with your header today! I have some fish pictures like this, but never thought what a nice header they would make. Are they Coy?

    1. Hi Ginny,

      Thanks so much. Yes...they are koi. I took that photo in a park one day that has a large man made pond with lots of koi. :)

  7. Very funny, it would no longer work these days.


  8. Je ne les connais pas mais cela m'a beaucoup amusée...
    Gros bisous

  9. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I totally agree with you about the rest room. Most of the time i have to be carefull not to get in the wrong one. Your photo of the fish is amazing!!!!

  10. I have never heard of them except "Phensic", when I was small, my mother to swear by them, funny old world!

  11. Oh my, these are absolutely wonderful. I am not sure these were shown on my side of the pond way back when.

  12. Thank you all so much for your comments. I really appreciate it!

  13. Great ads! My friend would agree with you about rest-room signs not being very clear today: he once told me he was desperate for a pee, and hurriedly went into the women's toilets, only for the women's screams to drive him out even faster than he went in!


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