Friday, May 04, 2012

Which Restaurant?

I found some photos of a few interesting restaurants on the web...and my question to you all is this:  which restaurant would you really enjoy eating at?  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.  Here are the photos!

A hanging restaurant...

A floating restaurant...

A skyscraper restaurant...

An undersea restaurant...

So how about you?  Which one would you enjoy the best...and why?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Please click on the "comments" link at the end of my post to share.  Thank you all so much for visiting me here!


  1. I like "My Place"

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  2. J'ai déjà mangé dans un restaurant gratte-ciel et j'aimerais bien déjeuner dans le restaurant sous-marin...
    Il me plairait vraiment...
    Gros bisous

  3. Well, I like the undersea restaurant, but, I wouldn't eat fish, lol.

  4. The most spectacular is the undersea restaurant, but I think I would prefer being floating. :-) I would never choose the hanging one!

  5. You are very creative! With my fear of heights, I'd pass on the first one. With the exception of the floating restaurant, I'd not be interested in the rest. Sometimes my favorite restaurant is at home! (But we do eat out a lot!)

  6. Oh what an interesting and lovely post! I love the floating restaurant!!

  7. That first picture just cannot be real!!! These are wild! I'm afraid I would barf if I tried to eat on any of these, I have a hard enough time just keeping my feet on solid ground! Which one would YOU like???

  8. I love water and I love to see the world underneath the sea. I would like either the floating or the undersea restaurant! What a fun post!

  9. Hi all, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, the first restaurant is indeed real, Ginny! In fact, there are several of them around the world, apparently. I would not like it, though. LOL! My personal favourite is the floating one.

  10. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Not the hanging one that is for sure. I think the floating one.

  11. that first one id b too scared.. i love the idea of being under water while every creature is swimming all around me! :) great idea Linda! i def. dreamed of each scenario..

  12. I have been writing on my blog about so many top restaurants. For me the food is the most important but the setting is also a contributing factor. If the food is excellent in all these restaurants I would select the underwater one.


  13. Kim Stanley Lawyer10:23 AM

    The concept of an undersea restaurant intrigues me. The reality of it doesn't seem to work. Keeping the "glass" clean & scratch free on the outside seems to be an impossible & unending procedure, not to mention the cost of a structurally sound building that would withstand water pressure & the changes in the environment. I'll just stick to the fantasy of what it would be like to eat my dinner under the sea !


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