Monday, July 30, 2012

Saint-Jerome, Quebec

I took a long bus trip (about two hours) from the Montreal area to St. Jerome.  St. Jerome is north of Montreal and is a small, beautiful little town.  This was the first time I had ever been there and I really enjoyed it.  Hope you all enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and sharing them here with you all.

"Place de la Gare" means "Station Place" in English.  Gare is the term here used for bus and train stations.

This was a little restaurant inside an old train car.  There was a terrasse (terrace) with tables and umbrellas where you could sit and eat your lunch after you place your order at that window.  The gentleman serving was very pleasant and the food was great.  I ordered just a hot dog and french fries and it was very good.

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  1. Loved all the pics.St.Jerome is indeed beautiful and charming!

  2. I like the station and the church.

  3. What an intriguing little town. Sounds like you had a wonderful day trip. This is the kind of place I love to visit and wander around taking photos, too. That sandwich caboose is too cute. Glad the food was good. The church is quite grand, and looks like is undergoing some construction ...

    Must have been a nice warm day what with the kids playing in the water.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I'm always amazed at how many wonderful places there are in this world that I've never seen! But, now, thanks to you, I've seen Saint-Jerome.!

    Merci! Bonne Journee!

  4. Hi Linda. So sorry to be so behind with commenting but I always go through all the posts and enjoy every one. It is such a pleasure to see all your lovely walks and photos. You have shown us some lovely scenery. I have loved all the views of the water, the ducks etc. I also particularly liked seeing the deer. The oddest thing was the chair!! Very nice to rest in dry weather but I wouldn't fancy sitting on it after a downpour ;-)

    Your latest trip sounded interesting and it looked like a nice place to visit. I keep meaning to ask if you are bilingual? I assume you must be living where you do. I would so much like to be able to speak French. I bought a home study course some time ago and try to learn now and again but don't think I will ever be fluent ;-)

    I'm so sorry you have been having a tough time lately. I can relate to your problems in several ways. I too find hot, humid weather overpowering and extremely difficult to cope with and it does my health problems no favours at all although I love the sun just not hight temperatures! Also as someone who has always struggled with lack of confidence I can understand how difficult you are finding the job search. New situations can be so worrying and I find that fear of the unknown is often worse than the situation itself! I do hope things sort themselves out for you very soon, I shall keep you in my thoughts.

    1. It is so nice of you to check out all my posts...thank you so much! Yes, I am fluent in French. My mother tongue is English but I speak French very well I have been told. Since I have been in Montreal all my life I learned French as a child. However, I learned my "best" and most useful French when I worked as a receptionist. There was an older woman who was like a mother to me (this was when I was in my 20's), and she took me under her wing. She was from France. :)

  5. Wonderful photos and nice knowing about this pretty little town! The buildings are fascinating and the train restaurant is very different. I too like French fires... Glad u had a good time there :)

  6. What a charming and neat little town. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I loved the train...and wonder what the roofing material is on the church.
    Glad you're getting out and places always do me good, even ifIi can only see them virtually via your photographs.
    Thank you.

  8. Montreal looks good, I love train.

  9. How nice, Linda, that restaurant ! Wahw !

  10. Your photos are lovely. I love old train stations. This one is exceptional.

  11. Nice country Linda!!!.. Beautiful pictures!!!.. Regards


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