Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More Park Photos

These squirrel photos.  I saw the cute little guy foraging in the grass and decided to call him.  LOL!  I made the sound that one makes to call a cat.  Sure enough, he stood up and posed for me in the last two photos I took of him.  A really sweet little fellow.  :)

As far as my computer goes, it is starting to freeze on many sites, so it isn't just Blogger.  It is frustrating...but a good friend of mine is going to help me get a new system once this one dies, which at the rate things are going, shouldn't be long.  It is not a virus, it is pretty much old age.  LOL!  I will do my best to catch up with you all at that time.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here.  I really appreciate and enjoy reading your thoughts.  Please click on the "comments" link at the end of my post to share.


  1. Good luck with your computer. They are wonderful but can be a big pain, too. You could just park yourself in this park! It's a great place. Love the squirrel...a bit different than the ones we have down here; cuter, in fact!

  2. That’s cute about the squirrel! The green walls are fascinating... The old once always give trouble and I have lot experience on it. Hope u get a good system soon :)

  3. Beautiful and Cute Linda, if you get the chance, get a mac puter.

  4. Holding my breath that your computer gets sorted out. I love old ivy covered buildings!

  5. Hi Linda.. Beautiful place.. The Squirrel are so nice.. Best regards..

  6. How nice, Linda !
    Good luck with the computer !

  7. Strange a black squirel. I had not seen this before.


  8. Lucky black squirrel, and your friend understands everything about computers.


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