Sunday, September 09, 2012

Photos from my Waterfront Stroll (Part 2)

I really enjoyed this long walk!  I came across a house by the water and there were two ladies outside with their beautiful cats.  They were French speaking, and as I have mentioned before I am fluent in French so I smiled at them when I saw their cats.  They saw my camera in my hand and, before I had a chance to ask them, they offered me the opportunity to take photos of their cats...and so I did.  I thanked them profusely.  The cats were lovely and quite sociable.  I got to pet the black cat you see here in one of the ladies' arms.  They were very nice ladies and I enjoyed my short time with them.

I don't remember all of the cat's names...but this one is Agathe, which is French for Agatha.  :)

These last three photos are of some lovely wall murals I found on a building.  There will be a few more of these to come in my next post, as the entire building on four sides was covered with this beautiful art!

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  1. It's so nice to see cats lying in the sun. I love the murals on the building and look forward to seeing more of them!

  2. How nice, Linda, the lady and the cats. I love the art-walls !

  3. First of all, that is a superb mural! Secondly, I've never met French-speaking cats before. That must have been fun. Oh, wait, you meant the women. ;-)) I like cats. Usually. We've had a bunch after awhile. But cats are gods and very demanding and very imperious. They can also be very cuddly.

    A fun walk with you again today! Merci beaucoup ! (And that's about the extent of my French!)

  4. The Murals are very beautiful and they have done it so well! Glad the ladies offer to shoot at their cute cats.



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