Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Tour of Montreal!

I thought it would be nice to share some of my photos of various things and places in Montreal.  

The first two is a sign outside of it, the second is the building.  This is Ste-Anne's Veterans' Hospital in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue.  Sadly, this is where my father died on August 13, 1984, having lived the last 14 years of his life here.  My father was a wonderful, kind gentleman who died at the age of 64.  Although he was born and died here in Montreal, he fought in the British Army in World War II...the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, to be exact.  He was in England when the war broke out.  He became a prisoner almost at the beginning of the war.

Ste-Anne's Hospital is a wonderful place in that it has many activities for the veterans...even a couple of bowling alleys.

A tour bus filled with tourists visiting downtown Montreal.

Old Port of Montreal.

Seagulls flying over the Old Port of Montreal on a cloudy day.

Last photo for this post is another view of the Old Port of Montreal.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here.  I hope you all enjoyed this tour of Montreal with some of my many photos.
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  1. I've always loved being around the water,,which isn't especially good, since I can't swim a stroke!

  2. I enjoyed your photos very much. I think I told you that I was in Montreal one time, in the mid-70s. But I don't remember much about it. So these shots were great fun.

    Re your father: My father also died in August of 1984. In California. He was a month shy of 81. I miss him very much and I'm sure you miss your father!

  3. I enjoyed the shots of the old port particularly....your father sounds a fine man.

  4. love to get to know Montreal a bit through your pics
    have a great sunday

  5. I only recognise the bridge and we have visited many places in Montreal.


  6. j'adore l'ambiance de l'avant dernier cliché

  7. Montreal looks like a beautiful city to visit. Sadly, I no longer have a passport so I don't think I could visit.
    You did a good job of setting up your blog list! It took me a long time to figure it out the first time I tried to do it.

    1. Hi Ms. Sparrow, your instructions were great, it made it easier for me to understand. A heartfelt thanks!

  8. Wonderful photos of Montreal, and your father, he died too young.

  9. montreal looks wonderful

  10. Wonderful photos from your city! The port area looks good and u had a great father.

  11. I know your father's death wasn't recent, but you have my sympathy. He was a hero, having served in World War II. That courageous generation is passing from this earth way too fast.


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