Thursday, October 04, 2012

Lovely Autumn Walk!

The weather has been pretty mild here, although it may not seem like it from the beautiful Autumn colours in my photos. I hope you all enjoy these photos of my walk today.  These were taken at sunset/dusk, my favourite time of day!

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  1. I really like your photos of autumn.

  2. I hope you're beginning to feel better....I do, looking at your photographs, soft autumn colours and then that splash of puce.

  3. oh yes!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Lovely photos on the autumn colors and serene of the place! Hope u enjoyed the walk :)

  5. Des très belles photos automnales... J'aime particulièrement celle des fleurs de capucine.
    Mais les autres aussi m'emportent aussi dans une belle promenade.
    Gros bisous

  6. Really lovely pics. Hope the walk helped.

  7. You really have a nice place to walk. My favorite ones are of the lake. It looks so peaceful that it makes me wish I was there.

  8. Nature is getting more and more amazing, Linda...,
    your pictures sometimes too !

  9. Those colors are amazing! There is an expression "A color not found in nature".
    I do not believe there is any such thing. Between butterflies, fishes in the coral reefs and all the plants and trees, Nature has it covered!

  10. Lovely photos Linda.

  11. gorgeous shots, for some reason photo 3 really struck me as totally wonderful!


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