Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Autumn Photos from my Walk

Some of these photos may look similar to a few in the last post, but they are not the same.  Sometimes I might take a few photos of any given subject to get a different perspective on it.

I must say that everytime I see a seagull now I have a hard time not laughing.  I keep thinking about the seagull in the video that I posted the other day that kept stealing a bag of Doritos from a store.  LOL!  :)
And on the topic of birds...I saw something that I found fascinating today.  There is a large electrical contraption that some birds seem to be using as their home.  The birds are small and have an interesting chirp, but they seem smaller than sparrows.  I was thinking that they could be purple martins.  If I can get back there with my camera I will attempt to get some photos for a later post.

Hope you all enjoy these photos.

This last is in French, like pretty much everything in Montreal is...and it is a Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall.

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  1. Beautiful photographs, wonderfully is to admire such views. I am greeting

  2. Love the colors and the flowers.

  3. Lovely soft colours.
    The seagull made me laugh too...particularly as it is enacting its stunts in ]aberdeen, the Granite City, renowned for the tightfistedness of its inhabitants when it comes to money.
    Aberdeen on a charity flag sale...everyone stays at home.
    Aberdeen on a charity house to house collection...everybody on the streets!
    So I can pnl├▒y imagine the shopkeeper to be from foreign Dundee.

  4. Lovely - all of them. Every blessing!

  5. great nature photos

  6. Linda, your blog is going from strength to strength - super photos.

  7. Brilliant photos, and, you have started the blog full of nature, lovely.

  8. Nature always gives us magical colors you
    to skillfully captured in beautiful photos
    a hello all Italian

  9. Love all those autumnal colors, Linda. Very nice work!

  10. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful flowers. I never see any except from a distance when I'm driving by. Thanks Linda!

  11. Thank you all so much for your comments!

  12. Beautiful colors, LInda !


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