Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Snow Today in Montreal!

The video I am sharing for this post....Ben Bernie and his Orchestra "Swinging Down the Lane" (1923).  :)  I enjoyed the song and the images in the video brought back good memories of my childhood.  Very nice video and song!

We had our first snowfall today.  I found it really nice.  The weather was mild, as it usually is here when it snows, and the air smelled fresh and clean.  When I left home to go for my was not snowing at that point, so I had my running shoes on.  However, throughout my walk it had started snowing and the snow actually stayed a bit in some areas;  however, we did not get a lot of snow so there was pretty much no accumulation.  

The photos I am of them is actually part of the floor of a mall.  I found the design on it so pretty I took a photo of it.  Another photo is a sign on a sidewalk that says: "Je traverse quand c'est le temps!"  In English:  "I cross when it's the time!"  It refers to the fact that many pedestrians do not cross at the pedestrian crosswalks...or at green lights.  Police here have been campaigning to make the roads safer for everyone, so they have been handing out tickets to speeding drivers as well as pedestrians who don't respect crossing at the proper places and times.  
The other two photos are self explanatory.  They are of a Christmas tree in a mall I liked;  however, I thus far cannot figure out how to flip the photos so that you can see it upright.  Sorry about that.  Here are my Photos

Thank you all so much for visiting me here.  I really appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you can always share by clicking on the 'comments' link at the end of my post.


  1. A first snow can be very pleasant and a lot of fun. Unless, of course, you have to drive around the city in it. But I've seen enough snow, so I'll leave it for you younger folks! :-)

    Thank you, Linda, for your comment on our new blog. We appreciate that very much!

  2. It snowed also in Western Austria for the first time.

    Lovely floor, indeed, and the Christmas tree, too!

    You should be able to flip the pictures by hovering with the mouse over one, then look for a "roundabout" sign.

    Stay warm and safe,

  3. I hope you got my first comment about the snow...and I wanted to answer your question: Yes, I'm consolidating so I'm only posting on the new blog. I also put up some photos on the Photo Showcase of the new blog, but you need not comment on them.

    Thanks for coming by. You're very sweet!

  4. I don't know how to rotate pictures either. I accidentally did it once but couldn't remember how to do it again.

  5. Hi Linda tomorrow should also snowing here,
    nice movie accompanied by cheerful swinging
    I wish you a wonderful evenin.

  6. I rotate my computer, Linda, to look at your Christmas tree, but you can maybe do it yourself in the future... You try ?

  7. You got your first snowfall of this winter, good for you.

  8. We're still waiting for our first snow of the year. I'll bet that lane at the beginning of your video would be beautiful after a snowfall.

  9. Hi Linda,

    The Christmas tree is also nice upside down :). But, now that the first snow has fallen in Canada I'm waiting for a Christmas tree with snow on it, standing right up.
    Nice to read that you enjoy going outside, that's the same for me. Fresh air, snow.... And afterwords a hot chocolat in a warm home.

    Wishing you a nice weekend,


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