Thursday, December 06, 2012

Some of my Old Christmas Photos!

Hi everyone, the video I have chosen for this post is Old Fashioned Christmas...Frank Sinatra.  Hope you all enjoy it. 

Several of you have mentioned that you have been missing my photos, so I took it upon myself to post some of my old ones for you.  It has been cold and windy and also rainy, so I haven't been out taking photos, but I hope you will all enjoy photos from Christmas 2010.  :)  I took all these photos of store windows and shopping malls.
Christmas 2010 photos

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  1. Very colourful and 'Christmassy' photos. [I think I spotted Le Chateau in one of them - one of my daughters works part-time for them - just so she can get a deal on clothes ;>) And a fitting Christmas song.

  2. Une bien jolie publication... Il est toujours très agréable de contempler de merveilleuses photos.
    Une bien jolie atmosphère festive.

    Gros bisous.

  3. The photo of the Frank Sinatra album reminded me of the record albums of the 50's when records were big 78 rpm's. They came in a hard cover with paper sleeves for each of the double-sided records, each side having a single song. I still have some of those old 78's somewhere.

  4. Christmas is really coming here, Linda... Nice... !

  5. Love the pieces of decoration especially the umberellas, really cool.

  6. Sinatra has always been my favorite singer, bar none. Nobody could phrase a piece of music like he could. I looked at your Christmas photos from 2010 and decided that I like you mall very much! Several stories high! I'd climb up there and shoot photos all day long!


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