Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Laughter is All Around!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you all something that happened to me about 35 years ago. I was visiting a Presbyterian church and, as I was listening to the minister preach his sermon, I heard a few loud yawns. The minister took it well and chuckled...and continued. I found it quite rude. Anyway, at the end of the minister's sermon, I spoke to him and told him about the loud yawns, and mentioned that I found it rude. He laughed and said, "Linda, would you like to meet the person who made those yawns?" Taken aback I wasn't sure, but since he was so lighthearted and kind, I thought, "Sure!" He brought me...and introduced me to an older woman. She was blind, and she was the organist of the church.   The yawner was nothing more than her seeing eye dog, a beautiful German Shepherd. I had to laugh myself.

I hope that you can all read the above paragraph that I t shared.  This is the first time that I have copied and pasted something onto my blog.  People told me in the past than in order to copy and paste something, I first needed to paste it into Word, then copy and paste it here.  It looks a little overlapping, but I hope you can all read it without problems.
I responded to a post on Gorge's Grouse and shared my above experience with him, as a post he had made reminded me of it.  He suggested that I share it here with you all, thinking you would enjoy it.  Hope you do!  Editing this post to add that I don't know how to get rid of the white background on this.  Sorry about that.

The video I am sharing here is another Just for Laughs Gag by the group, as I have mentioned before, the majority of their gags are done right here in Montreal.  Enjoy!

The photo I am sharing today is one that I took in August, 2011.  None of the things in the photos I share are "mine", they are things that I have found on my walks and liked enough to take a photo of.  Only the photos are mine.  :)  You just need to click on the image to see a larger view.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I hope that this post brings you laughter and smiles.  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your thoughts, which you can always share by clicking on the 'comments' link at the end of my post.


  1. I see your text has a background color. Sometimes I can get that to go away by putting it in word and changing the background to "none." Other times, Blogger will do that for no apparent reason what-so-ever. (Still enjoyed the story!)

    1. Thanks a lot, Gorges, I tried to find how to do this and couldn't, I am not very adept a programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. That made me laugh...our Alsatian yawns very noisily.

    Do you know the ancient Scots minister of many...

    He is preaching of the day when there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth...and sees a toothless old shepherd grinning from ear to ear.
    He addresses him personally

    And for you, brother, teeth will be provided!

  3. love the video. Pretty clever trick

  4. Great gag video! I'm sitting here laughing out loud! Thanks for making my day!

    Your story is funny, too. Reminds me of the time a Lutheran pastor friend of mine was in the middle of the sermon when a parishioner sitting right up front went asleep and started snoring. The pastor stopped preaching, left the pulpit, walked down to the man, chucked him under the chin and said "Wake up, you can sleep at home."

    Then he went back to the pulpit and continued his sermon as if nothing had happened.

    And that's the truth.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Nice post. Loved the anecdote on the yawning German shepherd !

  6. Happy Valentines Day, Linda!

  7. Happy Valentine Day to you Linda.

  8. Yes indeed. My GSD Baron is a big yawner too. He has a few other less than polite activities which I won't get into however....:)

  9. Thank you all for your comments. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Even copy and paste I can read, Linda. More difficult, but...
    It is a nice post !

  11. Ja,ja,ja .... very good this video, Linda. Greetings!


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