Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow Storm on its Way...but that's O.K.

Hi everyone!  There is a snow storm on its way to Montreal...and we are expected to get anywhere from 25 to 40 centimeters.  It will begin around midnight tonight and continue tomorrow, with heavy snow and gusting winds, right through to Wednesday.  I chose a nice video for this post....Bing Crosby and Music Maids - Little Sir Echo 1939.  I hope you all enjoy it, I found it really beautiful.

The photo I am sharing this time is one that I took a few years ago.  It is a beautiful fountain right outside of a city hall in Montreal.  You just need to click on the image to see a larger view.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I really appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you can always share by clicking on the 'comments' link at the end of my post.


  1. Gotta love anything by Bing Crosby.... He's always a favorite!!!!!

    Beautiful photo. Good Luck making it through the snow storm.

  2. we got hit hard by a rainstorm down here

  3. Your photo is a nice contrast to the coming snowstorm! Stay safe and warm!

  4. Linda, welcome to our world! We just got 38 cm. I remember well being at a Mechanical Pulping conference in Montreal and being stuck with nothing running. No cabs, no buses, or planes. Stuck in Place de Ville Marie and nothing to do but shop! Good luck, let's hope it misses!

  5. This is a REALLY cool fountain!!! I remember Bing Crosby well, never has been anyone quite like him, he could put me to sleep in a minute!!! It was the way he sang...not in a bad way!

  6. Bonjour,
    J'espère que la tempête de neige se sera calmée !...
    Je vous envoie la douceur du printemps qui semble vouloir s'annoncer... Enfin !
    Gros bisous

  7. Your music is warm, Linda, the snow storm ice cold...
    Take care and please don't go outside if not necessary... !

  8. Bonita foto!
    A neve é interessante, mas não para quem quer trabalhar!

  9. Yes we had the storm here in Toronto last eve. Let's hope it's almost over!
    Love tou snap of the cheerful water fountain in front of that place.

  10. Yes, a very nice source, lovely photo!

  11. Restez bien au chaud si c'est possible.
    Je suis allée plusieurs fois à Montréal, en été et en hiver, j'aime le Canada.
    bises, Laurence, Opale et Sonye

  12. I was going to complain about the fact that it's supposed to rain tomorrow and I've got a golf game planned, but I don't think you'd sympathize too much what with snow storm on its way! :)

    The Old Crooner was always a favorite singer of mine who left us way too early!

  13. That's a lot of snow for I day, be careful.


  14. Cette chanson toute mon enfance lorsque je regardais les films américains sur Télé Monté-Carlo...
    MArtine de Sclos


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