Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turtle, Fish and Donkey Cheese

Hello everyone!  The video I have chosen for this post is entitled "Donkey Cheese".  It is a very short one minute video.

The photo I am sharing today is one that I took on my visit to the nature park several days ago.  It is of a large fish...and a turtle.  It seems that the turtle was posing for me, similar to the goose and the horse in my previous posts.  :)  You just need to click on the image to see a larger view.

Next time you are in a hurry, remember this quote:
The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
- Moliere

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  1. j'aime beaucoup cette citation, je suis d'accord.
    La tortue vient dire bonjour.
    merci Linda, beau dimanche
    Laurence, Opale et SOnye

  2. The turtle does look like he's looking up at you, posing!

    Donkey cheese-who would have thought! You show us some very interesting videos, Linda. Thank you!

  3. The water in your photo is so clear, I bet the turtle was coming to see you :)

  4. great shot of the fish and turtle

  5. Gosh, even the animals in the sea pose for you!!!

  6. Donkey cheese...who knew? Love the picture...we've got some delightful turtles that show up on occasion in the ponds here...I really like them!

  7. Donkey cheese..., I want to taste it, Linda, but so expensive...

  8. Parece que la tortuga sale para saludar y decir hola. Un abrazo de Miguel.

    It seems that the turtle comes out to greet and say hello. A hug from Miguel.

  9. Un vídeo interesante. Buena fotografía del pez y la tortuga.
    Un saludo.

  10. Hi Linda, thanks for sharing the donkey cheese video, very interesting. As usual nice click.

    Best regards, take care.


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