Friday, March 07, 2014

Relaxing Friday

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all!  The video I have selected for this post is a captivating, soothing melody entitled "Celtic - Mountains of Mourne".  The image stays the same throughout, so you can listen to it without having to watch.  Enjoy!

Today was beautiful, and I took a lovely walk near the waterfront.  I came across some squirrels and birds, however, even though I saw a large flock of Canada geese, I couldn't get close to them.  Some of the water is still frozen over but I enjoyed this walk a lot and took many photos, which I will share with you all over the next few days.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

This first photo was of a couple of squirrels on a tree, which I caught by chance!  :)

This next photo....the squirrel looked at me, posing for the photo.

This last photo that I am sharing today was a sweet and interesting coloured that I rarely see.  He was brownish in colour, different from the usual grey squirrels I see.  It seemed as if he was as curious about me as I was about him and made it easy for me to photograph him.  :)

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share.


  1. great shot of that beautiful charcoal color squirrel ~ so pretty , we see a few that color every now and then . Love his shadow too.

  2. beautiful music. It has been so cold here it is difficult to get out walking. I think it will be warmer this weekend and I plan on doing some walking then

  3. Really nice shots of the squirrels. :)

  4. I've seen squirrels like that lately too, but didn't have a handy camera at the time. They're anxious for spring.

  5. The music is beautiful.. Great shots of the squirrels Linda!

  6. I so wish we had the black squirrels here. I finally saw one at my son's near DC last summer. Nice shots Linda!

  7. I especially like the last little squirrel who also likes you.

  8. I can't help hearing the Kingston Trio's version of that song!

  9. I know squirrels are rodents, but oh they are so cute!

  10. am really happy that the weather is becoming better for you. and the squirrels are so cute! :D

  11. Aww...cute squirrel pic.

  12. The music was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. The squirrels are so cute. It's amazing how much fun they can add to a walk.

  13. Wonderful squirrel photos! They are so big compared to Finnish ones.

  14. svart ekorn har jeg aldri sett før !

  15. I'm glad you could get out for a nice walk! I'm listening to Loreena Mckennitt lately and enjoying that...nice to change things up once in a while :)

  16. Sweet Celtic it. Nice photos. That is the best way (for me) to enjoy snow!

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Do come back for another visit, and so will I...

  17. what a comical shot the last one is, he certainly is interested in you, pretty little guy. I enjoyed the music very much.

  18. Thank you, Linda ! Montreal today..., nice !

  19. I think the last little guy is contemplating searching your pockets for nuts!

  20. Hi Linda, a wonderful piece of music close to my heart. It's the traditional Irish folk tune Carrigdhoun with the words to the Mountains of Mourne by the Irish artist and songwriter Percy French. I've climbed the same hills and walked the same country lanes that he did at the turn of the last century. Perhaps your readers would like to read the lyrics so here they are.

    "The Mountains of Mourne"
    by Percy French (1896)
    Oh, Mary, this London's a wonderful sight,
    With people all working by day and by night.
    Sure they don't sow potatoes, nor barley, nor wheat,
    But there's gangs of them digging for gold in the street.
    At least when I asked them that's what I was told,
    So I just took a hand at this digging for gold,
    But for all that I found there I might as well be
    Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.
    I believe that when writing a wish you expressed
    As to know how the fine ladies in London were dressed,
    Well if you'll believe me, when asked to a ball,
    They don't wear no top to their dresses at all,
    Oh I've seen them meself and you could not in truth,
    Say that if they were bound for a ball or a bath.
    Don't be starting such fashions, now, Mary Macree,
    Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.
    I've seen England's king from the top of a bus
    And I've never known him, but he means to know us.
    And tho' by the Saxon we once were oppressed,
    Still I cheered, God forgive me, I cheered with the rest.
    And now that he's visited Erin's green shore
    We'll be much better friends than we've been heretofore
    When we've got all we want, we're as quiet as can be
    Where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.
    You remember young Peter O'Loughlin, of course,
    Well, now he is here at the head of the force.
    I met him today, I was crossing the Strand,
    And he stopped the whole street with a wave of his hand.
    And there we stood talkin' of days that are gone,
    While the whole population of London looked on.
    But for all these great powers he's wishful like me,
    To be back where the dark Mourne sweeps down to the sea.
    There's beautiful girls here, oh never you mind,
    With beautiful shapes nature never designed,
    And lovely complexions all roses and cream,
    But let me remark with regard to the same:
    That if of those roses you venture to sip,
    The colours might all come away on your lip,
    So I'll wait for the wild rose that's waiting for me
    In the place where the dark Mourne sweeps down to the sea..

    That's a pretty squirrel too.


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