Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunday Jewels

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all!  The videos I have selected for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag

Lavender for Migraine Headaches

1940's Fashion - Keeping Well Dressed

Super Animals - Super Jellyfish

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share.


  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

    (^‿^) ❀

    Bonjour chère Linda

    MERCI pour cette publication tout en vidéos ! EXTRA !!! ...
    passe un excellent dimanche !

    GROSSES BISES d'Asie vers le Canada

  2. Oh, I wish was so organised with my clothes than they are in the video...

  3. LOL @ the sticky-fingered little boy!

  4. Amazing about the Super Jelly fish and what they offer to science . I must admit though that LARGE pink one scares the heck out of me !

  5. As a sufferer of migraines I will have to keep the lavender thing in mind. Have a great Sunday Linda :)

  6. All of the quotes today are wonderful!
    I hope you have a lovely peaceful day Linda!

  7. Bonjour Linda,
    le petit vidéo de Juste pour rire mais bien fait sourire ♡

    Bisous et bon dimanche


  8. funny mall prank

  9. Hello Linda, love your sense of humour posting this hilarious videos. I enjoyed viewing them grinning, smiling East to West.
    Thank you for making my day.
    You keep well, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  10. Hi Linda, its me again...I earlier forgot to mention....but read your profile re your present health problems...
    May I suggest, if you have not...try drinking Chinese Green tea. As well taking bee pollen. I strongly believe it will help you....
    Check them out on the Net.

    If not familiar with what types of Chinese green tea, I'll recommend the following which I have been drinking past 35 years, my wife too. I alternate them.
    1/ Dragon Well Chinese green tea.
    This long ago favoured by Chinese Emperors who had virgins to cut the top leaves with gold scissors.
    What has Virgins and gold scissors have got to do with it, search me, ha ha ha.
    But, if good for an Emperor, well....Anyway, you can try it.

    2/ Pi Lo Chun...Chinese green tea...
    3/ Temple of Heaven - Special gunpowder, Green tea.
    No, not to worry, you won't explode drinking this tea. It was some English men who named it because the folded leaves looks like gun powder.
    4/ Japanese Sen Cha. Its green tea.

    Try drinking 3 cups a day, cold or hot. You'll not only feel refreshed, but good for health as well for those wanting to slim, and keep cholesterol away.
    This is good for those who are big fans of McDonalds especially, or large steaks and fries with gravy.

    I drink about 6 cups a day....reason being, I have 3 bad habits, 2...I've given up, long, women and song, Jack Daniels...but regret still smoking, though about 5 sticks a day, 2 more if my wife spots an advert re 'special offer designer shoe sale, buy 1 get second pair 1/2 price'. Thus drinking 6 cups.

    As for bee pollen, if you interested, check out the supplier's bee farm, not close to a graveyard. Ha ha ha. I read this somewhere, in China there's a bee pollen supplier rear bees next to a graveyard...get the pollen from flowering plants on graves. Holy Smoke!

    Wishing you well, stay young,

    1. Hi Lee, thank you profusely for this information, I truly appreciate your kindness and time!

  11. The video gag was cute. The quotes were great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Linda, I really like that quote about patience. It really makes me think. And that video about keeping our clothes looking nice--the advice might be old, but it's still good!

  13. Hi Linda, no problemos, you're welcome, anytime.
    Psssst, would love get in touch with you....
    This up to you, but if you like you can leave your email address at my blog...
    I will not expose or publish it, nor put on CNN, ha ha...but will note it down, then delete it and will respond asap.
    As I may have a surprise for you, *wink*. Just a hint, re my that "Aloha".

  14. Tout est tellement beau, merci pour ce beau moment douceur! Bisous tout doux et bon dimanche dans la joie!

  15. Thanks for the laugh and wonderful qoutes:)

  16. I hope you're having a lovely, pretty Sunday.

  17. la dernière quote a ma préférence Linda

    have a nice sun-day

  18. Never seen such a big jellyfish.


  19. Anonymous2:24 PM

    A beautiful and varied blog Linda, the video of the Super Jellyfish, is beautiful. Greetings from Edward.

  20. Beautiful and cute, Linda !

  21. Got a kick out of the fashion video from the 40's. : )
    If only they could see what has become of fashion now a days!!!
    Always enjoy the laughs and the quotes.

  22. Love your choices as always. Hope you're have a happy weekend!

  23. Always so enjoy your posts , Linda.
    Oh, I must tell my sister about the lavender as she gets terrible headaches, thanks Linda.
    Love the quotes .


  24. I quite like that Agape quote.

  25. Hi Linda, just dropping by enjoy your videos.
    Have a nice day.

  26. Really like the second to last quote you've posted!

  27. Beautiful and cute, Linda :-)

  28. The quotes here today are very uplifting. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  29. Hi Linda! I watched the 1940's dressing video. How precious! I should use cleaning fluid on my clothes too...I would definitely not pass inspection!
    As always, your photos and images are so great. I always find peace with them.

  30. Thanks Linda, for spreading joy all the time. You are a very special lady. : )

  31. Good to have the seams in the stocking straight :)

  32. Will try the lavender for my headaches.

  33. Love the kid nicking the policeman's badge and watch, very funny.
    Some wonderful quotes today LInda.
    Have a nice day.


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