Sunday, July 27, 2014

Serene Sunday

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all!  The videos I have chosen for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag/Juste pour Rire

Lawrence Welk Pennsylvania Polka

Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

American Goldfinch - HD Mini Documentary

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.


Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share.


  1. Lovely photo of Canada.

  2. Anonymous12:26 AM

    º° º°。☆ ★ ☆ ★彡 Hello Linda

    MERCI pour ces belles images !
    J'adore les photos du Canada !!!

    Gros bisous d'Asie ✿✿º°。

  3. I love that last Canada picture! But for me, your post is all about Gordon Ramsay today! Do you watch any of his shows? We love Master Chef! But he talks so fast that we have to have closed caption to know what he is saying. This is by far the strangest recipe for scrambled eggs that I have ever seen!!

  4. I've seen that Ramsey's video clip before - I remember the burnt toast.

    Yes, I love my scrambled eggs nice and creamy - not like what I would get at many places - a badly messed-up omelette. This is how I do mine:

  5. I will look on the bright side and know my eyes will be OK, Cheers, Jean.

  6. Hyvin hauskoja videoit kaunis tanssikuva Kiitos Linda :)

  7. I love all your videos, my favorite is Strongest Puppy and American Goldfinch :)
    Linda, I wish you a great Sunday :)

  8. enjoyed the videos, what a cool way to cook the mushrooms and tomatoes, will try that for sure :-)

  9. Anonymous3:59 AM

    I like Scrambled Eggs very much Linda. The American Goldfinch, is a beautiful bird to see. Greetings from Edward.

  10. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Ha ha... Small but powerful indeed!

  11. I love finches, they're my little flying pigs in winter, emptying the feeder daily.

  12. Loved the Gag Reel this time! Wonderful

    Mersad Donko Photography

  13. I like the world spinning quote

  14. Bonjour Linda,
    J'aime beaucoup le petit documentaire sur les beaux chardonneret ♡

    Bisous et bon dimanche


  15. these are great quotes that you've shared today ... thought-provoking ... thanks :)

  16. la première vidéo est très amudante Linda

    et j'aime bien la dernière vidéo


  17. Superbe, j'ai beaucoup de chardonnerets qui viennent manger à mes mangeoires, et effet je leur donne des graines de tournesol et niger... Bise et bon dimanche tout doux!

  18. Everything will be worth it one day... that is a good perspective ... not an easy one but one to work towards :)

  19. A beautiful gag, Linda !
    Beautiful quotes...

  20. Boy, Lawrence Welk... that's a huge throwback!

  21. Enjoyed the videos . I used to watch Lawrence Welk when he was on tv and I wish he still was. Quotes were great/ Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Better to treat others the way we want others to treat us. Thanks for the encouraging words here.

  23. Hi Linda
    The goldfinch video was wonderful.
    Great quotes,

    I am away in the mountains on a weekend getaway and have not had anytime to visit till now.
    Hope you had a good weekend. xx

  24. Such a sweet video on the gold finch! And i like the cartoon about how worry and stress don't make the world spin. Yep, worry is not worth it, is it?

  25. Anonymous12:01 AM


    Bonjour et MERCI pour ce beau partage chère Linda

    et bon lundi !!!! 。♡♡彡


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