Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wednesday Wonders & More about Myself

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! 

I really enjoy blogging, as it gives me the opportunity to be myself, to share things I love with others and I enjoy encouraging and inspiring others.  I have noticed on some blogs (and I am not pinpointing any person's blog in particular, this is just a general thought, and sharing my personal opinion, please know this) that only certain people are allowed to leave comments.  For example, some blogs have this Disqus commenting option, others only allow Google+ users to comment, etc.  I cannot comment on these blogs, so I don't.  

Speaking for myself alone, and these are my thoughts and opinions, and I do not like to, nor try to, enforce my opinions on others.  I think that everyone is different and unique and has their own tastes and views and I respect this.  So for myself...I like to enable anyone who wishes to comment on my posts to comment.  However, I do moderate all comments for spam and foul language, etc., as, after all, my blog is family friendly.  

I do not respond to comments on my blog posts, because I think most people don't have the time to come back and see what I said, and not everyone has the e-mail reply capacity.  Not only that, but I used to respond to all comments on my blog posts but I felt like I was sounding like a broken record (LOL!) so I just stopped doing it.  I prefer to return the visit and comment with a visit of my own at the person's blog.  This is my way, as I mentioned, but I have no problem with the way others do things on their blogs, and I don't think it is fair to judge or expect them to do things my way.  We are human beings, not robots, and it is nice to see how others do their blogs and I enjoy seeing the creativity of others.  Thanks so much for listening.  :)

The videos I have chosen for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag/Juste pour Rire

Raf Trans-Promo

Bubble Tea

Christine Waltz - Richard Abel (HD)

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always enjoy and appreciate reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share.


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM


    Merci pour tout ce que tu partages généreusement sur ton blog chère Linda !
    C'est SUPERBE !!!!

    Je t'embrasse très fort et je te souhaite un BON 1er AVRIL !!!!!

    Bises d'Asie !

  2. a good one about spaying cats...and dogs too.

    Another thing is that we must consider properly before giving a cat or dog to our children as a pet as it's not just a one time time. It's a long term commitment

  3. I also like to encourage a lot of comments, so I've left it open for anyone to comment. I get the occasional spam, but eh, I just delete it.

    Oh how I wish I could let all self doubt go down the drain! But I'm working on it.

  4. Responding to comments can be a time consuming business. And I think you're right... most people don't come back unless they had a specific question.

  5. You are right Linda!

  6. Je passe te dire une belle journée , ici toujours du vent mais pas de pluie ce matin et c'est pas une blague ..

    ,1 avril je ne fais pas de blague ..... :)

    juste un brin de poésie

    gros bisous et a demain

    Les poissons, les nageurs, les bateaux
    Transforment l’eau.
    L’eau est douce et ne bouge
    Que pour ce qui la touche.

    Le poisson avance
    Comme un doigt dans un gant,
    Le nageur danse lentement
    Et la voile respire.

    Mais l’eau douce bouge
    Pour ce qui la touche,
    Pour le poisson, pour le nageur, pour le bateau
    Qu’elle porte
    Et qu’elle emporte.

    Paul Eluard

  7. Bubble tea, Taiwanese fad. Very popular here though I am not into it. I'm a coffee person.

  8. Totally agree with you too, Linda. I used to reply every comments, but now I only response when there's a question as it's too time consuming,

    I'm a fan of bubble tea! Are you, sweetie? xoxo

  9. Happy Wednesday Linda.... when I first started blogging I used to answer the comments on my blog but when I started getting so many comments it became harder so I decided to stop and always visit their blog with a comment. I don't let anonymous people comment as I was getting too much spam but anyone else can and I have to moderate due to one person in my life.... I am with you, we all need to respect how the other does their blogs ... I am such a social media fanatic that I am set up to comment everywhere but it is time consuming and I can understand why others don't ... I honestly love reading other people's blogs and learning more about them xox

  10. tu as bien raison Linda...

    "meanwhile in Canada" est vraiment très drôle..


  11. Hello, dear Linda! I'm back from my long blogging break. Thank you very much for your kind words upon my departure a couple of weeks ago.

    That gag video was one of the funniest you ever posted. The facial expressions and reactions of the customers were priceless. I loved the scenes of manicured gardens accompanied by piano music. To me blogging is an opportunity to bring together different kinds of people from all over the world, uniting them in friendship. Nevertheless, it pleases me very much when I realize that you and I share many of the same values and opinions. Have a wonderful day, dear friend Linda!

  12. I'm with you about everyone being different and having their own views. I respect that, too. I'd express my views but I'd never try to enforce them on others in my blogs (or anywhere.)
    The Catington Post has got a very important message! Spay and neuter saves lots of kitties!

  13. Haha...Loved the gag! Glad to see that last man succeeded in saving her!

  14. Loved the first video, especially when the machine burps!

  15. Good Morning Linda! I always enjoy your blog but even more so when you tell us a little about yourself. In today's post, your description of why you don't respond to comments ... Well, I couldn't have done a better job of writing that up for myself. You are exactly right. Although I greatly appreciate comments left on my blog, I don't reply on the blog unless it is a question that begs answering for others who may be reading the comments. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your comments on my blog ... I look forward to them. Have a great day Linda!

  16. Bonjour Linda,
    J'ai adoré visiter ces beaux jardins fleuries ♥ et je partage la même opinion que toi sur les commentaires laisser sur mon blog :)

    Bisous et bonne journée


  17. Linda, great photos and videos as always. I agree with your thoughts on answering comments, although I do sometimes reply to the emails I receive when comments are posted.

  18. Good morning, Linda. Thanks again for your comments yesterday! I don't comment on Google + blogs, either, unless I have a direct URL to the site. The less I have to do with Google the better! :)

    Love that gag today. Especially when the guy ran behind the counter to "save" the girl! And those buses. They certainly aren't the old Greyhound buses I used to ride! Amazing!

  19. Thank you for sharing Linda, I agree totally with what you say regarding blogging, comments etc.. And I love the meanwhile in Canada!

  20. I love the Scrub a dub dub and the Hold your head up! My favorite for today. Thanks Linda for taking your time to make others smile along the way. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Hi Linda, I don't very often comment to bloggers on my post. I try but I can never keep it up though like you I try to return every visit and leave a comment on their blogs, unless for some reason I can't. That has happened to me too. Thank you for this lovely post. Always enjoyable from the videos to the wise words and pretty pictures.

  22. I feel the same way you do about commenting on blogs. Instead of answering on my blog, I leave a comment on the blogs of my visitors.

  23. I love that little lady in the bath tub. Happy April!

  24. I don't like it when people use the Google+. I like blogger and wordpress b/c they are more anonymous. But I do try to get around to the blogs of all the people who visit my blog. It sometimes just takes awhile. ;-)

    PS: Today's gag was very funny! I was laughing out loud.

  25. Meanwhile In Canada is brilliant!

    I try to leave my blogs open for anyone to comment, and find that in terms of spammers, they target older posts. As for Discus, I make use of it occasionally, but I find it can be problematic.

  26. Hi Linda
    I always try to reply to those that left a comment on my posts but that is just me .... I have been blogging since '06 and always began that way so just keep it up .. LOL

    Always so enjoy my visits here , a bright spot in my day!

    I have not had bubble tea in a long time ...thanks for the recipe.

    Happy Wednesday ...xx

  27. Hi Linda, thank you for sharing about how you feel. It is not easy trying to reply to every comments especially when there are so many. We do have a problem here with stray cats and dogs.

  28. I am among those who come back to read the comments that a blogger has written. But to each their own posting and fun. Whatever works. I grow so very tired of bloggers that want everyone to do what they do.

    Silly farts, they are.

  29. Totally agree about the blog comments, I just wish I understood how they work, LOL!

  30. I love waltzes, and I like this one. I agree with you about the commenting and the Google +, which I cannot stand! Yesterday I got all the ingredients for that tea (was it Turkish?) And I will be making it this week!

  31. Nice, Linda ! And everybody is helping !?

  32. It ain't no April-Foolin'. I be back.

  33. I enjoy your chat about comments. Sometimes I send a personal reply to a blogger friend if I can do so through my email. Some have a non reply email so I have no way of reaching them since they may or may not come back to a post. Usually once I visit a blogger's post I do not return unless it is to copy down a recipe or something like that.

  34. Hi Linda! It was such fun to have a laugh break from my day co-hosting for the Insecure Writer's Support Group! At fist glance, I thought the copier was a washing machine ~ could be because a washing machine repairman just left, and my husband was starting the first load of a giant post-vacation laundry pile! I really appreciated your thoughts on comments. I'm happy to have a comment anywhere! I do respect each blogger's approach to handling them. We are each unique. I don't deal with Comment Moderation because I have enough time just trying to reply. If someone posts an unkind comment, I just pop out my pointy, lethal velociraptor claws and zap it into cyber oblivion! Your kind, gentle, and thoughtful blog ~ can't forget funny, helpful, and encouraging ~ brightens my day! Have a good one!

  35. I knew you couldn't trust a photocopier! ;-))))))

  36. I love the Meanwhile in Canada one again.

  37. I respect every blogs as they belong to different individuals with different style and live. I enjoy blogging since I started in 2007.

    I do not respond to my comments too. ;)

    You have a great Thursday. Happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

  38. bra skrevet Linda :-)

  39. Hi Linda!
    You are so much with blogging in all your life! All other are good your life strong your body,

  40. Funny video with the first one(copy machine)! And, wonderful quotes...thank you for sharing!:-)

  41. I like that save 100 cats one, I got my dog fixed for that very reason. So many unwanted animals

  42. Hello Linda, nice post indeed!
    Greetings from Turin :-)

  43. Let's see now, how many cats have I saved?!!! Love my two furbabies that are both rescues.

    Nice visiting on your blog...


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