Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Shares and a New Poll!

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! 
I have added a new poll, which you will find on the upper right hand column of my blog.  Thank you so much for taking the time to vote in my polls, I really appreciate it!  :)

The videos I have selected for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag/Juste pour Rire

Victorian Christmas - Make Your Own Victorian Christmas Cards

Rescue a Cat Stuck in a Cargo

Mr. Bean Christmas Shopping

Wildflower by Skylark

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

I can't wait for...twinkle lights, decorated trees, eggnog and early morning snow.  Candlelight, cookies, glittery things and big bows.  Hot cocoa, jolly music, rosy cheeks and ho-ho-ho's.

There are no yesterdays except the yesterdays you choose to bring to the present moment.

Food can distract you from your pain.  But food cannot take away your pain.  In fact, overeating the wrong foods can create more pain.

Practice hitting the pause button.  When angry, pause.  When stressed out, pause.  When tired, pause.

People who still enjoy going on walks and talking for hours are my favorite.

You can't bring back or change the past.  You're not promised the future.  So focus on enjoying life while you can.

When a craving doesn't come from hunger, eating will never satisfy it.

I want to live a life without stress and worry.  I don't need a lot of stuff.  I just want to be happy.

Do not waste time thinking about what you could have done differently.  Keep your eyes on the road ahead and do it differently now.

Just sending out a big hug to whoever may need one right now. - A. A. Milne

Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige.  It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character. - William A. Ward

Don't allow anyone to dim your beautiful light.

It's not who you are that holds you's who you think you're not!  Choose well.

Take time to call out the greatness in others, they may not see it themselves.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. I cant wait for Christmas!!

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Bonjour Linda et merci pour ce bon choix !
    C'est un beau post !

    Bises et bonne continuation !

  3. Good morning, dear Linda!

    I must see things differently than most people because the gag video struck me as more cruel than funny. There are handicapped, disabled and elderly people who struggle with doors. There are depressed people who only need one more thing to go wrong in their day to send their spirits down to rock bottom. I realize the gag troupe lets them in on the joke after the footage has been collected but I can't help wishing they wouldn't pull pranks like this one that make life more difficult than it already is. I disliked many of the original Candid Camera set-ups for the same reason. It was fascinating to watch the process that creates a handmade Victorian Christmas card. How lovely the finished product! God bless the people who cared enough to save that cold and frightened cat. It has been more than 40 years since I heard "Wildflower" by the Canadian group Skylark. The soulful power ballad reached the top 10 on the U.S. chart in 1973 and #1 on Canada's Adult Contemporary chart the previous year.

    Thank you very much, dear friend Linda!

  4. I still send Christmas cards to friends, though I do not make them myself. I wonder how many still do.

    Nothing like a good ol'-fashioned card to bring the festive cheer. Those e-cards, greetings via Facebook and the rest are all so impersonal - somehow, the feeling just isn't there.

  5. Mr. Bean is such a circus..

  6. je te souhaite une douce journée

    on reste avec une météo d'automne ...


  7. I love all flowers, so if this is a poll to decide what types of flowers to show, please just put them all up! :)
    Hope you are having a nice week. Thanks for the hugs and kind words.

  8. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Mr. Bean Christmas Shopping is fun again Linda.

  9. Excelente trabalho gostei de ver.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  10. I will not allow anyone to dim my beautiful light! Thanks for sharing Linda! I'm excited for Christmas!

  11. Good morning, Linda! I always enjoy your cheerful and inspiring post. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  12. Moi (Hi)
    Beautiful wool socks and protected coffee mug
    have a nice day...

  13. A wonderful Thursday to you, and many thanks for the giggles and inspiration as always. Happy holidays!

  14. Linda, I can't never get enough of Mr Bean. He's just too cute, dear! Thanks for sharing his clips! xoxo

  15. Bonjour ma chère Linda,

    Un grand merci pour votre gentil message...
    J'ai beaucoup souri en regardant votre vidéo avec les portes qui se referment. En cette période de l'année avec les nombreux clients dans les grands magasins, ce serait fou !!
    Monsieur Bean continue toujours à faire rire un grand nombre d'entre nous.
    Merci pour cet excellent moment de partage.

    Gros bisous ❆
    Je viens de passer un moment savoureux en votre compagnie.

  16. Such a nice log, Linda !

  17. Bonjour Linda,
    Elles sont très jolies les cartes Victoriennes :)



  18. We don't get snow in least not before Christmas. It has snowed on Christmas Day a few times in my lifetime but it's very rare. It might be nice! Only we usually have places to go and here, when it snows it completely strands us.

  19. Beautiful words today, Linda! Loved the kitty rescue movie! My cat watched it with me LOL hugs, de

  20. Hi Linda, I feel like voting all the flowers ha ha...Love all your lovely quotes. *Hugs*

  21. To me, every flower (and some weeds) have a unique beauty. I just can't choose a favorite. The JFL gag, as always, made me smile. And I'm so glad they were able to rescue that kitty.

  22. Hello, dearest Linda,

    there are lots of interesting things again – today my favorites are the quote „I want to live a life without stress and worry. I don't need a lot of stuff. I just want to be happy.“ And the wonderful Victorian Christmas Card!

    Lots of hugs, Traude

  23. Like the video about the Victorian Christmas card. Mr. Bean was very funny. All the quotes were great as usual. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. Thanks and greetings form me and my mama.

  25. A lot of good quotes today. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Hard to believe how close Christmas is just about two weeks

  27. I voted in your new poll.

    Loved the gag. I would have just left.

    The rescued kitty was so cute.

    Love Mr. Bean.

    Have a fabulous day Linda. ☺

  28. I voted for tulips on the new poll and one of the quotes has yellow tulips in the picture! Sweet!

  29. I voted other, for daisy. Love those.

  30. Un beau moment, merci Linda! Bise et bon jeudi tout en douceur!

  31. Mr. Bean and the kitten rescue just brightened my day. Thank you, Linda!!

  32. Pansies have a warm spot in my heart. My grandma loved them and they remind me of warm days.

  33. Toujours un très bon moment passé en ta compagnie. Merci beaucoup. Belle soirée

  34. Take time to call out the greatness in others, they may not see it themselves...

    une citation sublime Linda

  35. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Oh I love cacti, Linda.
    Can you add another option so I can vote for that? :)

  36. I voted:D And you can never go wrong with Mr.Bean. I never get tired of watching this show.

  37. Hee, hee, hee... Mr. Bean really makes me giggle.

  38. The quotes are so awesome!:)

  39. favorite image - those socks in front of the fire! enjoyed a few of the videos also- ...doors.....wildflower ..hadn't heard that in a long long long long long time.

  40. These are wise words, Linda - Take time to call out the greatness in others. It's a good thing to do and I bet brings a lot of smiles.

    I think you're such an amazing person - sharing funny videos and inspirational quotes with us daily!

  41. My favourite flowers are Sweet Peas. ;-)

    My husband was able to guess the name and who preformed the song but he got the date it came out wrong.

  42. One must always love Mr. Bean!

    Tulips are my favourite flowers.

  43. Hi, Linda!
    Some of these are awesome reflections: "There are no yesterdays except the yesterdays you choose to bring to the present moment." And I really like the video about the Victorian Christmas cards. I can see myself doing that! Thank you and have a blessed week.

  44. Mr. Bean is brilliant. Enjoyed such a positive post!

  45. I especially liked the one about not letting anyone dim your light. I need to remember that when wet blankets try to rain on my parade!


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