Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Choices

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! The videos I have selected for this post are:

A Just for Laughs Gag/Juste pour Rire

Picture Jars

Chicken Pot Pie - How to Make Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

Winter Votives (candles)

Try a Little Kindness - Glen Campbell

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

Words of Pawsitivity (positivity) - Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.

There is always, always, always something to be grateful for.

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.

There's no place like home...

Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how.

Have the maturity to know sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word. - Thelma Davis

Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge.  It requires no accountability, no understanding.  The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another's world.  It requires profound purpose larger than any selfish kind of understanding. - Bill Bullard

Sometimes I get so sad.  So sad that I completely shut down.  I stare blankly at the wall and it doesn't matter what you say to me.  Because in that moment, I don't exist.

Be true to who you are and know...not everyone's going to like you.  Then again, there are some folks who don't even like cupcakes.

Fortunately, change does not happen all at once. It comes slowly...otherwise how could we ever be able to deal with it?  So, be patient with the time it's taking for you to change.  Respect your pace!  It will take the time it needs to take, for your changes to be solid and feel natural. - Raquel Mesquita

Life only happens once, so do what makes you happy, and be with who makes you happy.

Know this now:  someday all of your challenges will make perfect sense to you.

Who let the clogs out?  :)

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Merci Linda de me faire rire et rêver !

    GROS BISOUS et bonne journée

  2. Bonjour chère Linda,

    Un monde où il fait bon arriver... Merci pour ce doux moment !

    Gros bisous ♡

  3. Hi, dear Linda!

    It just so happens that Mrs. Shady bought a new slow cooker a few days ago. I have already forwarded to her the video demonstrating how to make hearty chicken pot pie. It looks delicious! Mrs. Shady's daughter makes craft Christmas gifts and I will forward to her the two relevant videos on how to make decorative picture jars and winter votive candles. They are beautiful and make excellent conversation starters. I haven't heard that Glen Campbell song in many years and I appreciated hearing it again. It bears a message about kindness that is important during the holiday season and all year long. The quotes embedded in the video are excellent, too.

    Thank you very much, dear friend Linda!

  4. Good morning Linda
    As always, a great contribution.
    The video "Kindness" I like very much, it is touching and thought provoking.
    Nice day for you.

  5. Thank you, Linda. There is always something to be grateful for - I constantly remind myself of this! :)

  6. I always want to make chicken pot pie. There is no place like home. :)

  7. Loved Glen Campbell, loved so many of his songs. Sad that he is not in very good shape these days. A true legend!

  8. I always leave your blog feeling happier.
    Thanks for the good vibes.

  9. very beautiful candles in the video

  10. There's no place like home...

    en effet Linda


  11. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Try a Little Kindness, is beautiful Linda ... let's do it !!!

  12. Excelente trabalho.
    Gostei de ver.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  13. Like that holes in wall (throwback)

  14. Try a little kindness. Nice song and a good video Linda..

  15. coucou j'aime bien le dernier tableau chat !
    bisous et douce journée

  16. I can't watch the videos at work, and lately I haven't had the time to do much blogging at home. But I appreciate the time you take to select the quotes each day. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Linda!

  17. Hello, we do have so much to be grateful for! I would like to try to Chicken Pot pie in crockpot. Sounds good. Happy Tuesday, have a great week!

  18. I have very nice and also many movies viewed on your blog :-) In your last post are really very nice item sn movies about Christmas and how you can make nice things for Christmas. The clip is from The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train was very nice to see :-)

  19. Loved the gag. The looks on peoples faces are priceless.

    Have a fabulous day Linda. ☺

  20. Thank you Linda for these. This is what I like: Life only happens once, so do what makes you happy, and be with who makes you happy. - I wish you a very lovely waiting for Christmas! Best regards Anneli

  21. Thank you, Linda, for the reminders especially about seed and blossom, slow but steady step to make a change, being grateful to something, maturity to choose silence before the last word, empathy better than opnion. Have happy days ahead.


  22. I'm not much of a cook, but that chicken pot pie recipe intrigues me. Maybe I'll try it. Maybe. :)

  23. Cute gag video. Enjoyed all the other videos. I always come away learning from your blog. Great quotes. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. Try a Little Kindness sounds great to me but I wonder if the world that we live in doesn't think that way. Trudeau is giving the Syrian people everything for free but is forgetting about our own Canadians who need the help. Yes, I believe in kindness but!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a thoughtful and kind day Linda. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  25. Thanks for such a nice collection of quotes!

  26. Hmmmmmm...... Chicken Pot Pie seems to be very delicious !!!! Hehehe..
    And the Winter Votives are beautiful !!!!
    We want to thank you for comments on our blog !!!! We love to read them !!!!
    A meow of Frida, Bilbo and Sofia

  27. Good morning, my dear Montreal friend!!! I wish I had some Campbells cream of chicken soup. We're in the middle of a powder snowstorm right now, and that chicken pot pie recipe sounds perfect for our winter day. I'll think of something. Loved the gag! And Glen Campbell. So many of your quotes struck home, but especially the Happy Place one. I have been struggling with depression these past couple of weeks, and that expresses how I have felt at times perfectly. Fortunately I'm in a much happier place right now. And the horse in the snow made me think of the Parker parade and how photographing that beautiful equestrian parade in the miserable weather turned things around for me. Wishing you a happy, happy day! Love and hugs!

  28. Linda, the chicken pot pie looks so yummy. Thanks for the song by Glen Campbell, long time have not heard this song. A little kindness goes a long way. And also thank you for all the nice meaningful quotes.

  29. Bonjour Linda,
    C'est vraiment jolie les chandelles en Mod Podge



  30. The Vavasseur art is my favourite today.

  31. Bonjour Linda, que j'aime l'idée des Votive candle and picture jar! Bise et bon mardi tout doux!

  32. it's been a really long time since i had a chicken pot pie ... or a pot pie of any meat! :)

  33. I had to eat a lot of chicken pot pie as a kid, so not my favorite dish now:)

  34. I really enjoy stopping in for a vacation from the busy world. You always have such a great variety of things to view.

  35. Nice collection. I had forgotten that Glen Campbell song! Nice to hear it again.

  36. I love chicken pot pie. I must try this slow cooker recipe. It sounds delicious. Perfect for winter! Thanks for sharing. :)

  37. The silence is better than the last word is something I'm working on!

  38. The picture jar is so creative . Now many are doing things with jar. Last Christmas, a friend gave me a "forest" in a jar. It was so beautiful


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