Monday, March 06, 2017

Melodious Monday and Remembering My Dear Father

Hello everyone!  A very warm welcome to you all! The videos I have selected for this post are:

Blue Mountain Blues - Joe Taub and his Melodians (Harry Leader)

Sheep Teaches Young Bull How to Head Butt

Luxurious Tiny House with a Split Level Floor Plan

Fascinating Facts About the Hippopotamus

For the following, I am providing the link sources beneath each photo.  You just need to click on the images to see a larger view.

I fight for my health every day in a way most people don't understand.  I'm not lazy.  I'm a warrior.

I've never met a strong person with an easy past. - Atticus

Hope but never expect.  Look forward but never wait.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda, shuttuppa.  :)  Don't blame your past for what you don't have.  Blame your present.  What can you do now to get what you want now?

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must, but take that step.

Always remember that the light within you is brighter than any darkness.

There's nothing like a little bit of sunshine to cure the winter blues.

Take a deep breath.  Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second. - Greg McKeown

Help people, even when you know they can't help you back.

Wishing you a beautiful blessed day.  I hope your day is full of sunshine!

The best antidote for negative laughter.

To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul.  To do this you need to experience solitude, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions. - Deepak Chopra

Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.

Remember that you are important and you matter. Your voice matters.  Your feelings matter.  Your story matters.  Your life matters.  ALWAYS.

My dear father. There is a description in the photo that will give you more information about my father. Click the image to see a larger view.
In a previous post, I shared with you all that I have been working on a family/genealogy search?  Well, one of my dear cousins, whom I managed to locate with the help of another cousin whom I had previously located, shared this photo with me.  I had never seen this photo of my father before and I must say that it brought tears to my eyes.  I miss him a lot, he was a very kind, gentle and caring man whom I loved dearly.  One of my uncles told me, at my father's funeral in 1984, that I was the apple of my father's eye.  He was also the apple of my eye and I am blessed to have known him.  RIP dear Daddy.
Albert William Elliott December 19, 1919 - August 13, 1984.  The text on this photo was written by my Auntie Ann, and the photo was sent to me by my cousin Carole, Auntie Ann's daughter.  A heartfelt thanks to you for sending it to me, dear cousin.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I always appreciate and enjoy reading your kind thoughts, which you are always welcome to share!


  1. 1984, that's a long time ago, RIP. When one's loved ones are gone, all that one had left are the memories, cherish them and they will live on and on in our hearts and minds.

  2. A nice tribute to your father! And I loved all the quotes you selected.

  3. Big hugs, Linda xx It brought tears to my eyes to read what you're doing. This is a wonderful way to remember your father. God bless and keep it up.

    Thank you for today's quotes. xx

  4. A beautiful memory you have of your father. The young bull in the video is so gently with the sheep. I wouldn't mind having the tiny home which is so well designed.

  5. I liked the tribute to your father, Linda!

  6. What a wonderful tribute. I am sorry for all of his trials but glad you had someone who loved you as the apple of his eye. Hugs and thanks for your lovely comment at mine. Meow from Jacob.

  7. I wish you strength at the remembrance of your Father Linda, this are always a bit dreary days.

  8. Hello Linda,
    Nice movies.
    That movie with the hippos is really great. I like that so much.

    Best regards,

  9. Hello, love the sheep video. It is so cute. Your father is in your memory and heart forever. Great photo of your father! I am glad your met your cousins. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  10. Hello Linda, thank you for bringing joy to another Monday morning.
    Blue mountain blues was a super accompaniment for the rest of the videos and images. How wonderful to receive the photograph of your dad, I was the apple of my dad’s eye too, and I miss him to this day.

  11. That is so touching, thank you so much for sharing😚

  12. A big hug for you, dear friend.

  13. Good day Linda, what a wonderful addition to your genealogy, the piece about your father is. So glad you received it. Cherish your memories of him.
    Have a blessed day.

  14. It's sad what war does to people, the human spirit is stronger than we know... your father sounds like he was a wonderful man. Happy Monday Linda... have a lovely week ahead ♡♡♡

  15. Interesting post! Have a great week, dear! xoxo

  16. A beautiful tribute to your father. I think there is always a special bond between a father and a daughter.
    Have a lovely week, Linda!

  17. Loving the pretty "tiny home" video, Linda - it's so bright and airy.

    What the men went through during WW2 is often not remembered. Back in those days, so much was swept under the rug because it was not "manly" to complain or show "weakness". Thank goodness things have changed. How can war NOT change a person. FIVE YEARS as a POW - it's incredible Albert survived. My dad was 17 when we invaded Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The things he saw, at such an age -

    So grateful for our allies - and for friends like you, Linda. hugs, de

  18. Bonjour Linda,
    Un bon choix de vidéos et photos. J'aime la minuscule maison c'est tout mignon.
    Merci pour cette belle sélection qui fait que ma visite chez-toi est toujours très agréable.
    Bon début de semaine

  19. Tiny houses are sweet.
    How nice to be successful in your genealogy searches, and to have another picture of your father.

  20. wow...where do u get get time to make such lovely posts!

  21. The very best part of this post is about your father. What a lovely tribute. I'm so happy you had a great relationship with him.

    Have a fabulous day, Linda. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  22. Hugs and prayers for you and your father's memory
    Beautiful words you share, thank you

  23. une belle citation d'Atticus..Linda

    et un bel hommage à ton père


  24. All those years as a POW... it would have had such an effect on him. Thank you for sharing that.

  25. I love that tiny home! Looks so stylish and comfy.
    Have a good week

  26. A great tribute to a man who helped all of us to have a better life. A beautiful post, well done Linda. Diane

  27. Sending you (((hugs))) for your father, I am sure he is looking down on you with pride. What a handsome and special man xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  28. My father has been gone since 2004, but I still want to pick up the phone to ask him questions about a crossword puzzle. Re-watched the first (oldest) Star Wars movie yesterday; my father just loved that movie series.

  29. Great videos. Enjoyed them all the especially the blue mountain blues. Those tiny houses are just amazing. Learned more about the hippos. Great quotes. The picture of your dad brought tears to my eyes. I have enjoyed seeing your photos of your family on facebook. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  30. Thanks for sharing all the lovely videos and quotes. Love the tiny home!

  31. I could watch that sheep video for ever. Gosh, we can learn so much from animals if we just take the time. And what a lovely tribute to your Dad <3

  32. Linda Thank you for your lovely videos and thoughts.

  33. That video with the sheep and bull was so cute! I also enjoyed the hippos and all the motivation from those pictures and quotes. You always find such wonderful material :o) Love and hugs, friend!

  34. Quel beau moment, merci ma chère Linda! Bise, bonne soirée tout en douceur!

  35. It was only recently that I learned the hippo is one of the most dangerous animals on earth.

  36. Linda, I just loved the videos and quotes, but my favorite part of today's post is your tribute to your dad. What a life changing experience being a POW had to have been for him! And that he treated you with such love and kindness is quite a testament to his character. I miss my dad, too, and your story brought back sweet memories of him for me. Thank you, Linda.

  37. Interesting about your dad. I love hearing stories about the good dads and the blessing they are/were to their families. I like that tiny house. The washing machine in the bathroom! Ha. I have a wealthy friend who has a huge house and has the washer in her bathroom too. So there!

  38. I like the tiny house in the video, but without the stairs. I also like the '...You matter, your life matters. ALWAYS' So true!

    Fine tribute to your DAD!

  39. Bonjour chère Linda,

    Ma journée est déjà remplie de soleil en lisant votre petit billet... Vous êtes incroyables... Vos choix de vidéos j'aime beaucoup...

    Gros bisous 🌸

  40. A beautiful tribute to your dear Father Linda. How lovely to have received that photo after all that time too.
    Thank you for your selections. The sheep and young bull was funny... the sheep kept on being so gentle.
    Cheers now :D)

  41. How wonderful your cousin shared a photo of your father. It was sad to read the note about war and his health. Sounds like he was such an incredible man. xo

  42. That was lovely you shared your fathers story, sounds like a very kind man.
    Loved the Hippo video .

  43. Dearest Linda - this as always was such a wonderful post. The best part was reading about your dad being a POW! I am sure this article and picture meant more than words could tell. Have a delightful week sweet friend. Hugs!

  44. Linda, That sheep was pretty patient in its efforts to get that young bull to butt back. He was a slow learner! That was indeed a very classy tiny home...but if you had guests, privacy would be out of the question.

    The Hippo is the second most dangerous animal in Africa, preceded only by the mosquito!

    It's great that you received that photo of your dad after all these years. Almost 5 years as a POW... I can't even imagine what that was like! The good news is that he did make it home. My dad was never a POW in WWII. He was KIA on May 6, 1945. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  45. That photo is a wondrous treasure and I can imagine how thrilled you were to get it. That's a long time to be a POW and the conditions were always horrible. I remember the end of the war. It was an exciting and very sad time for even as people celebrated, they had to deal with those forever missing from their lives. One of my aunts lost her love on DDay and I don't think she ever really recovered...she always carried with her an air of sadness.

    I know some tiny homes can be luxurious but I'd go crazy in them. I am slightly claustrophobic and need space! :)

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  46. What a wonderful post Linda, especially as you shared the info on your daddy. My mother's father was also a POW but in WWI. He was released early also because he contracted tuberculosis. I never met him because although he survived several years, he died before I was born. Hubby is on a genealogy journey and I am finding out all kinds of neat things about my family. Each new one is such a gift.

  47. Oh Linda, that is fascinating on your daddy! Oh the joy in your heart you must have felt! I loved seeing his photo, what an adorable man both inside and out. Isn't it nice that you were told that you were the apple of his eye. God bless those veterans. What they went through makes me so sad, I don't know how they did it. Have you seen the Zamparini movie, 'Unbroken'? It is the true story of Louie Zamparini, also a POW. Thank you so much for sharing with us this most valuable and touching information. I so hear your heart... Beautiful!

    Loved the sweet music, so cheerful! The tiny house is really a pretty one! That's my kind of tiny house! : ) The butting lesson, amazing! The hippos are so cute, I didn't know that about them, they are so adorable...I like the way they can close their nostrils and ears from water. Neat!

    Thanks again for sharing Linda, it's wonderful news! What a blessing to have such a sweet, sweet, quality daddy. : )

    Bravissimo! Blessings! : )

  48. There are many quotes that touched my heart in your post today Linda! Thank you! I have to write them down! What a beautiful tribute to your father! Thank you for sharing the picture and the history! Bless his heart! He was a prisoner of war for 5 years! I can't even imagine! A beautiful man, inside and out! Much Love and Big Hugs!!!

  49. Sheep teaches bull how to head butt was precious, friend Linda ... can't wait for Spring to come ... Love, cat.

  50. The tiny house video inspired me!!
    I started to paint my house!
    And the picture about your father is so beautiful, Linda!
    I read it and thought about my father who passed away two years ago.
    Thank you for sharing your post!!



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