Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday School

I taught a Sunday school class about 30 years ago.  This class had several young children (perhaps 6 to 8 boys and girls), and I was informed by the mother of one of the children that I was to have in my class on one particular Sunday that her son was autistic.  I knew this child and had seen him in another class taught by another teacher.  He would go into a fetal position and hide beneath the table.  I have to admit that I was a bit uncomfortable in that I really wasn't sure how he was going to be in my class.  I prayed about him, though, and when the moment came for him to come into the class, I greeted him warmly with a smile and offered him a seat among the other children.  I did my best to not expect anything from him that he wasn't either ready or able to give.  I just treated him with the kindness and respect he deserved.  
To his mother's total amazement, her son was fine in my class.  In fact, not only did he sit on the chair among the other children, but he listened intently to what I was saying...and even asked questions!  His mother was so happy about this that her son ended up being in my class every Sunday after that.  Within about a few months, he began to be my helper...he was very good with the children and set a great example for them, and he was a huge help to me.  This boy grew up to be a fine man.  He drives a car, and very well, I might add, as I was a passenger in his car many years ago and can attest to the fact.  

Sometimes we, even without intending to, judge people and/or expect either too much or too little from them...if we try to love unconditionally and accept a person as he or she is, amazing things can happen.

I hope you all have a great Saturday!  Thanks so much for visiting me today.

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  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Très émouvant et très vé pense qu'on doit donner ce dont on peut au moment venu. ;-) The Reader's Tales


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