Sunday, February 26, 2012


I thought I would change the template on the blog so that I could learn how to do this.  :)  It is lovely and sunny out today;  it is chilly with the wind.  For those of you who may not realize this, you can comment on my posts...if you wish to.  You just need to click on the "comments" link at the bottom of my post(s).  

I chose to have a flag option here and find it very interesting in that I can see what parts of the world my visitors here are coming from.  A very good friend was kind enough to help me with the beginnings of this blog, as I really had no clue how to do things at first.  For example, I was trying to set up the ability for people to comment but wasn't sure how.  It is a great learning experience for me as well as a good thing in that I can share personal things with you all.  

I am not sure what channels you all get in your area...but I get the Animal Planet and National Geographic, which I just love!  I love to watch animal and other documentaries as well as classic TV shows such as The Andy Griffith Show and Bewitched.  Unfortunately, though, none of the networks I get air them, but perhaps one day.  I know perhaps many of you would suggest to me to buy DVDs of those shows, but I don't own a DVD player.  I do sometimes check out some of these on YouTube from time to time, though.

For any of you who wish to comment, I would be interested in hearing what TV shows and channels you like.

Have a great day, dear friends!  Thanks so much for visiting me here.


  1. I don't have digital channels in the attic, and my remote doesn't work, so I'm often stuck on the channel that is shared by Comedy Central (from about 6pm to 6am) and Nickelodeon. I mainly just change channels if there's something particular that I want to watch on some other channel.

    Have you googled if there's an online "TV" where you might get those vintage shows you like? I mean something similar to Netflix, which charges a low monthly fee, but you can watch loads of shows.. I think they only offer modern shows, but there might be some service out there that offers older TV shows..

  2. Oh, wow! I had never thought about the online "TV", Stella, what a great idea! If this doesn't work for me I will watch some things on YouTube. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Me too I am always amazed too see from which countries my readers come from, but don't know much about blogging....The Reader's Tales


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