Monday, February 27, 2012

Reminiscing & Relaxation

Those of you who know me well will undoubtedly be aware of how much I love to reminisce about days gone by!  In fact, not only "my" days, per se, but decades before my time.  

Everyone has their way(s) to relieve and/or reduce stress in their lives.  I have several ways, and I will share them here with you all.  

1.  Reminiscing about days gone, events, scenes.

2.  Soothing shower, soft music, candles.

3.  Being in nature.  I love to go for walks when the weather is comfortable, and this includes when it is long as it isn't freezing or slippery.

4.  Watching nature documentaries or classic comedy.

5.  Listening to birds singing, a cat's purr, watching sunsets, the sound of the ocean.

With all the stress that can happen in life, it is good and healthy to be able to relax and unwind, allowing our minds and hearts to heal and rejuvenate.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here, and I hope you enjoy my posts!


  1. mary omeara12:01 PM

    great idea linda love this blog of yours and all your exquisite photos and quotes cheers me up every day take care mary x

  2. I like the idea of the blog. Keep up the good work on Facebook too and alert us there to new postings on your blog.

  3. Thanks I feel better already :)


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