Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's thoughts

Wow, I had forgotten all about the fact that I even had this blog!  I figured that it would be kind of neat to have this avenue where I could share my thoughts and ideas with my friends.  

You know, I remember when I was a little girl, when my parents told me what to do, like most children, I resisted and didn't like when they told me what to do.  I was an obedient and respectful child, though, in spite of this.  

One example that I can share is when I asked my mother what smoking was like.  Rather than give me the "third degree" such as telling me that I shouldn't smoke, etc., she allowed me to take one puff of her cigarette.  I was so disgusted with it, I NEVER smoked as a result.  Had she handled it differently, telling me not to smoke (meanwhile here she was smoking herself), I might have succumbed to the peer pressure at school as I got older.  However, since she handled this the way she did, I am glad to say that since she didn't "forbid" me harshly, as she could have, I never picked up the habit.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that every parent should handle this situation in this way...what I am saying is that it worked with me.  Many children like to do things that they are "forbidden" to do, just to show that they can do it...sort of a rebellion.

I am finding that, as an adult especially, I don't like to be told what to do.  I appreciate gentle and kind words and acts, encouragement and love, but I don't like it when someone tells me what to do.  On the same token, I do my very best not to tell others what to do.  Who am I to tell someone how to run their lives?  I am always glad to encourage others and make suggestions when I feel it is warranted, but always in a kind and respectful way, not telling them what to do.

Thanks for listening and for reading my posts here.

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