Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frozen Treats from Days Gone By

I find it kind of comical that I am doing a post on frozen treats from days gone by, because if I am not mistaken, all of the things I am sharing here are still available today!  So perhaps the photos I am sharing are ads and wrappers from days gone by and not necessarily the products themselves.  

The first one I will be sharing here and perhaps the most popular is the Popsicle.

There is a frozen product from days gone by which I could not find a photo of and that is the Space Bar.  It was a chocolate covered orange sherbet bar on a stick, as I recall.

Other things I remember are the Creamsicle and the not shown here.

Next is the Fudgsicle, which is really like the Popsicle.

Another one is the Nutty Butty.  If I am not mistaken this is still available today...but perhaps under a different name.  The one on the left is the original.

Last but not least is the Eskimo Pie.

Thanks so much for visiting me today, and please feel free to share your own thoughts and memories by clicking on the "comments" link at the end of my post.


  1. Yummy for my tummy.. my favorite treat is ice cream in any form.
    Now I am hungry for something frozen, so its off the store i go..
    cheers :)

  2. I used to pass by the Eskimo Pie building in Richmond, Va. on my way to work each day. Except for the name over the door, there was no indication as to what took place inside.

  3. good memories... :)

  4. All these frozen treats are new to me and the packages look exotic. We have a popular cone ice sprinkled with chocolate and nuts like Nutty Butty. I prefer creamy indulgence with low calories.

    Thanks for your visit and a kind comment.

    Greetings from Japan

  5. So nice to see you pop up on my blog and here I am visiting yours - and what a very unusual theme you have. I loved the delicious names of the variations of the popsicle, which I've never tried and I don't think it ever arrived in the UK. The fudgsicle had me drooling.

    I shall be back to investigate more, when I have time. It's a busy time in the garden!

  6. ANYTHING frozen works a treat downunder in Australia!! But would you believe I've NEVER had an Eskimo Pie??!!

  7. Kim Stanley Lawyer9:05 PM

    I liked ice cream sandwiches,a filling of vanilla ice cream with 2 chocolate graham cracker rounds of about a 4inch diameter to make the sandwich. The sandwich part,after being frozen, was soft, not crisp. Yummy!

  8. The second last we have in Australia also, called "Drumsticks", they now come in several flavours.

  9. The first photo of the Popsicles bring back so many wonderful memories of childhood. My mother used to take us to the local pool to swim in the summer months. I have three younger brothers. When the ice cream man would come, we would bed her for ice cream. Popsicles were only 5 cents each then. My mother would buy two and then split them in half - giving us each a half. Not a bad treat for 10 cents!

  10. Do you remember the Sombrero? It was orange ice cream dipped in chocolate. It changed name after a while but I forgot what iy was. It was my favorite.. The first picture does bring back very good memories. Thanks


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