Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vintage Shoes

I find it interesting that so many things have made a comeback from the past.  Clothing styles, foods, and various other products that we thought were "gone for good" suddenly come back.  Some products do, some don't.  

I am not what you could call a stylish person, as I don't  worry about or follow the latest fads.  I wear what I like, what I feel looks good on me and what makes me feel good.  I prefer to focus on practicality as opposed to fashion.  I hate high heels, preferring to wear shoes that are flat and comfortable.  

As far as shoes from the past go, I had a couple of pairs of saddle shoes.  Back then I really liked them and wore them often when I was a little girl.

My father had a pair of shoes similar to these...
My father always dressed well and looked stylish and smart.  

Another thing from days gone by were these funky, colourful, shiny boots.  They came in many colours.

Thank you so much for visiting me here, and please feel free to share your own memories by clicking on the "comments" button at the end of my post.


  1. i love those boots and their many different colors!! :)

  2. 'These boots are made for walking'! :-) Super cool.

  3. Hi Linda, Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back anytime.. I am enjoying yours.

    Those saddle oxfords (which is what we called them) brought back memories... I wore them when I was a teen --back in the 50's/60's....

    I'm like you. I wear what is comfortable--and don't worry too much about style...

    Thanks again for visiting.. Come back anytime.

  4. nice post....we all love our shoes!

  5. My saddle shoes made my feet dance faster :)
    Fun post Wren.

  6. Love the bicolour shoes. Many times ago I had a saddle shoes too.

  7. Anonymous5:15 AM

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