Monday, March 26, 2012

The Importance of Friendship

I have some of the most wonderful friends in the world.  I feel truly blessed to have such loving and caring people in my life, both face to face and online.  

Friendship is such a treasure...something that you cannot just put a price on.  True friends will be there through thick and thin, and when everyone else gives up on you, your real friends never do.  

The beauty about friendship is that we can choose our friends.  Although some are blessed with a wonderful, loving family, others are not.  Family is something that we are born into (except in the case of adoptions).  

Friendship is something that is very important to me.  As for myself, I have no family.  My parents both died within a year of each other in 1983 and 1984 and I am an only child.  I am divorced with no children.  

I may not be as "good" at expressing myself and/or putting my feelings and thoughts into words as some,  but I  

My friends are very important to me and I appreciate them so much.  Thank you all.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on friendship by clicking on the "comments" link at the end of my post.  Thank you for visiting me today!


  1. When you have no family left it is important to have a network of friends to help. I have friends that I've known my entire life and friends that have entered my life fairly recently. I know that I do consider you a friend. Feel free to share your joys, worries, or anything that is on your mind because friends can talk about anything.

  2. Thank you for commenting my blog - from Over there :-)

  3. Lynn Pendlebury4:49 AM

    I think you express yourself wonderfully here and I so agree with your sentiments. Let me tell you just how much I enjoy your blog too - it is fascinating and enlightening in so many ways, both about you as a person and with regard to all the interesting subjects you choose to write about. Thank you for brightening up my life and for your valued friendship.

  4. Happy to be your friend =)

  5. so glad we met on here and we are friends! friends are the family we choose :) i look forward to your blog and the wonderful pictures you share daily! thank you for being you <3

  6. I can't imagine life without my friends.. especially the ones I have had since childhood.
    cheers :)

  7. I have family and friends scattered all over the world, as a result of doing so much travelling. I make an effort to keep in touch and am so grateful for the internet which makes it easier. thanks for commenting on my blog you do post some interesting thoughts so I will be following to see what you have to say. we are about the same age so lots of the memories you bring up ring true!


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