Monday, March 19, 2012

Old Time Customer Service

There is a grocery store in my area that I love to shop at!  The staff are kind and friendly and they always have a good selection of items at very good prices.

I moved just a few months ago to the area where I am living now and to be honest, when I first walked into this store I was shocked.  I was warmly greeted by an employee "Hello.  How are you today?" accompanied with a friendly smile.  I very much appreciated this.  You see, this is a rare thing today, unfortunately.  Most stores that I have shopped at, it is very difficult to find anyone on the floor, let alone someone taking the time to greet you like this man did.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with the service as well as the store itself.  Fantastic first impression which has made me want to shop at only this grocery store whenever possible.  

Sadly, today it has practically become a thing of the past...this great customer service of days gone by.  A lot of stores have almost nobody on the floor, and when they do, often the person acts as if you are bothering them when you ask about the location of an item or the availability of it.  

Something that is becoming more and more common in my area is the automated cashes.  The grocery store that I talked about above, though, and thankfully, has NO automated cashes.  Every cashier is human, and they are all friendly and nice!  I just love shopping at this grocery store, because if I have a question about something there is always a staff member around on the floor that I can ask.  The person is always friendly and helpful, never treating me as if I am an annoyance for asking questions (unlike other stores where they act annoyed and roll their eyes when you need to ask something).  

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  1. I totally agree with you. Here, in England, it is much the same, especially in the larger chains, but increasingly we seem to be left floating around, looking for some assistance, and mostly getting none....or, as you say, very reluctantly given.
    When I was a child (same era as you, lol) my mother would often be offered a chair, and an assistant would take her list, and fetch her items....can't see that making a come-back, any time soon! :D

  2. Hello from Sicily. It is so nice to hear about this store. Even here this kind of friendly service is beginning to die out, sadly.

  3. Anonymous4:05 AM

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  4. I found your blog after you left a comment on one of mine. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane through your eyes.


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