Sunday, March 11, 2012

School...Days Gone By

I am making two posts today...Vintage St. Patrick's Day, just below this post and now...School...Days Gone By.  

I went to elementary school in the 1960's and will share a few of my memories with you all along with some photos.  One of the things I remember well, and that practically every child had back then was a lunch box.  Some of the lunch boxes had a thermos to match.  These lunch boxes were made of a sturdy tin material and were very attractive and spacious.  You could have a lunch box with just about anything you liked on it...a favourite comic book character, TV show, singer, band, attractive motifs, etc.  Here is a photo of an old 1960's lunch box.

Another thing I would like to share is a photo of the tunics girls had to wear to school back in the 1950's and 1960's.  You had to wear a white blouse with it.  Most of the girls hated them.  LOL!  They were a navy blue colour and had pleats.  The tunic in this photo is the closest one to the tunic that I had to wear.

Last but not least were the books we had in school back then.  There was a product line of books called "Basic Readers".  I remember Dick and Jane quite well, but not too much about any other books.  Here is a photo of a book from back then.

Those are my memories for today.  Please feel free to comment with any of your school memories.  Thank you so much for visiting me here!


  1. I have no lunch box memories as I went to school in Finland. All Finnish schools provide free meals to pupils, everyday. It's proper food, and there's usually a six-week menu, so there's plenty of variety and no junk food.

    When I was at school, they introduced free snacks as well - if your school day was long enough, you'd also get a free afternoon snack, which could be something like a sandwich, a yogurt, some fruit and/or a fruit juice (or such..) I don't know if they still do that, these days.

  2. I didn't have a lunch box either. I lived close enough to walk home for lunch. Later, I took a sack lunch if I couldn't go home. We didn't have to wear jumpers like that. We could wear dresses of our choice, but no slacks or blue jeans unless it was really cold, and then you had to wear your corduroy pants under your dress. I hated that! I was a freshman in high school before the girls were allowed to wear long pants.

  3. Hi,
    I just want thank you for your lovely blog, it is amazing!!!!! like a dream...

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you here often.

  4. I had a couple of lunchboxes, but I went through thermoses so quickly because I would drop them. Remember they were glass inside and if you dropped them, they'd break and be ruined. My mom would be so upset!

    I didn't have to wear a uniform to school, as I went to public school in Philadelphia. However, I attended parochial school for about a year and a half in my early years, and we had to wear uniforms then. It made choosing my school clothes much easier!

    I almost wish we WOULD have had to wear a uniform in public school. I was ridiculed because my family could not afford to buy me the popular fashions (I wore hand me downs and stuff that was on sale). It was tough on me to be an outcast because of the clothes I wore.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for sharing your memories! To be honest, I had forgotten that the thermoses were glass inside back then! Your memories stirred my own in this area, and I, too, dropped a couple of them as well.


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