Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Tea

I love tea!  I love black (English breakfast) tea, green tea, orange pekoe, herbal tea...I just love tea!  I always (and still do) felt warmth in my heart when I sipped a cup of tea with a friend.  

Because there is caffeine in tea, (except for the decaffeinated ones), I opt for herbal teas in the evening.  My favourites are mint and chamomile.  

I will share some memories of tea from my childhood.

First...Red Rose tea, which still exists today.  However, back then the company would put a figurine in each large box of tea.  I will show you what they looked like.  There was a collection of them and here is a photo of one of them.

Here is how the Red Rose tea boxes looked like back then...this is a photo of a vintage ad.

My mother had a set of canisters exactly like the one I am displaying here...except her set was a pale green, as I recall.

Another thing I remember is that my mother had a tea cozy which she used to put over the teapot, claiming that it kept the tea hot for a longer period of time than without it.  She had a few that she had knitted or crocheted herself.  Here is a photo to show you what it would have looked like.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to share your vintage tea memories by clicking on the "comments" button at the end of this post.


  1. Kim Stanley Lawyer1:06 PM

    We Midwesterners are, or were, mostly coffee people. Hot tea was something that Mother would make when I was sick as a child. Ten years ago I discovered the flavored Celestial Seasonings Teas& developed a fondness for many of the decaffeinated varieties, & some of the spicy chai varieties,too. Now that I've retired, my husband & I share a pot of coffee in the morning, drink water throughout the day, & have a diet cola with our evening meal. We are creatures of habit & culture. When guests arrive the coffee maker starts brewing !

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kim. You will be happy to know that vintage coffee is my next topic. :)

  2. i loved the Red Rose Tea figurines.. my grandmother would always give me them as a child and later i would buy them for my little girl :)

  3. Those figurines look like Wade figures that we used to get in Christmas crackers. I used to collect them for my ornament collection - lots of pot and china animals kept on top of a pelmet over my window. Thank you for the memories and your comment on my blog.
    Love from Mum


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