Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Coffee

Since the topic of my last post was vintage tea, I thought it would be nice to follow up with a post on vintage coffee...and here it is.  :)  

I am going to share my memories of coffee related items that were found in our kitchen when I was a child.

I think all of you know this product...Maxwell House Coffee.  The slogan was "Good to the last drop."
Here is a photo of how it looked back then.

My parents had a coffee/tea set pretty much like the one in this photo.

My parents had two kettles back then, as I recall...a whistling one which they used during a power failure (we had a gas stove) and an electric one like this...

The last thing I will share in this post is how our kitchen set looked like back then.  

Those are my coffee memories of days gone by.  Thank you so much for visiting and please feel free to share your own memories and thoughts by clicking on the "comments" button at the end of this post.

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  1. Mom and Dad both dearly loved coffee, but oddly enough none of us kids did. Folgers and Maxwell House were there two favorites (whichever one was on sale). Mom always served it in cups and saucers. She didn't use mugs until I was probably in high school. She had an old cast iron tea kettle that sat on the stove always. We always had a wooden dining room table and chairs. Mom remembered her mother paying the junkman to haul away her oak table when she got her first chrome dinette set and that made Mom upset. She loved the look and feel of wood. My Aunt Mickey had a chrome dinette set like your parents, only in gray. Thanks for the memories.


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