Friday, April 06, 2012

Vintage Asthma Cigarettes

For those of you who know me well, you will be aware that I have never smoked in my you may be wondering, "Why is Linda making a blog post topic on cigarettes?"  LOL!  

I just found out about these vintage "asthma cigarettes" recently.  On one of the photos I am sharing here, it says that there is no tobacco in the product.  I just find it interesting that cigarettes were actually used to promote health.  

I am wondering how many of you have heard of these...or even used them.  

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Have a wonder filled day!


  1. Never heard of this cigarette's I am a terrible smoker but within 2 weeks I am going to try stop smoking with help of a group. Have a lovely Eastertime.

  2. Well, I wrote a long comment and Blogger ate it. Again! Very frustrating. But I'll just say this is a product I wished I had known about years ago when I still smoked cigarettes.

  3. I have never heard about these cigarettes and find it very strange. This can not be effective, can it?


  4. Thanks for dropping by because I followed you back to your blog and I LOVE all these visual gems you post here. I'm a follower now and look forward to seeing more treasures.

  5. Thank you so much for your helpful comment yesterday! Unfortunately I don't know how to clear a cache or even what it is!! You must be really good at computer things!!! So far, everything is good today! You are a new blogger? Your blog is delightful! We are about the same age, I am maybe six years older than you, but remember all these things well. Amusement Parks really WERE kinder and gentler back then. But now, it takes so much more to shock or scare people...and I don't look on that as a good thing! My mom hd asthma really bad, but I don't remember these cigarettes, how weird!!! Do you still live in Canada?

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it tremendously. Filip, I was thinking the same thing. Smoking is still smoking...whether or not it is tobacco, so it really surprised me when I saw this product from days gone by...I fail to see how it could be beneficial, but what do I know? LOL! :)

  7. Yes, Asthma Cigarettes is a brilliant idea. When I read Twiggy's autobiography, I found out that a doctor prescribed her mother cigarettes for the nerves.


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