Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Elderly

For the sake of my new readers and followers, I will give a little background on myself.  I am an only child, born in 1956.  My mother had four miscarriages before I was born...then, in 1950, she gave birth to a son and called him "Richard".  From the photos I have seen, he was a beautiful baby.  Unfortunately, though, he died at the tender age of 7 months...bronchiole pneumonia.  My mother was told by her doctor that she was unable to have any more children.  After all, she had already lost 5.  However, almost 6 years later I was born.  

I am very grateful that I survived, as when I was born I was a mere 5 pounds 8 ounces...almost incubator bound.  When I was 4 years old it was discovered that I had a rotten right kidney.  The doctors told my parents that if they did NOT remove the kidney I would surely die...but if they DID remove it, I had a 50% chance to live.  My parents opted to have the kidney removed.  I have been living with one kidney well for 51 years now and have not needed any medication or treatment;  thank God.

Now to get to the topic of this post.  I have always loved the elderly ever since I can remember.  I had a great aunt whom I was very fond of...and who was very fond of me.  In the past week I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to a couple of elderly at the bus stop whilst waiting for my bus, the other on the street, and both of them said to me, "You're such a nice lady!"  This touched me deeply and I pray that I continue to be this way towards everyone I meet.  I am sharing some photos that I found on the internet that touched my heart, and I hope they will touch your hearts as well.  These are photos of elderly people.

The first photo is of an elderly couple shopping and holding the shopping basket together.

This second photo is of an elderly man and pig appearing to be comforting one another.  This touches me deeply.

This next photo is also one that touches me deeply.  An elderly man is holding a cat and both the man and the cat appear to have deep thoughts and feelings for one another.

Last photo for this post is an elderly woman with a cat...note the pure blissful expressions on both of them.  Amazing and beautiful!

I sometimes see that some children of the elderly seem to get fed up and tired of listening to their parents share their memories of days gone by.  I think it is good to listen to them, allow them to express themselves and talk about the things that they experienced and lived.  The elderly can be a real encouragement to us and teach us much...if we let them be themselves and appreciate them for who they are.

Thank you so much for visiting me here.  I look forward to your thoughts...please click on the "comments" link at the end of my post to share.


  1. Those stories our older relatives tell over and over are repeated for a reason. So that we will remember and pass them on to our kids, so the family stories are not forgotten. Now I am the old person who tells the stories, I just hope the younger ones remember when I am gone. Old as I am, I still manage to help others,though. I think that is the stuff life is made of.

  2. As sad as it is, sometimes an animal is the only love in a persons life.

  3. You/your blog, touch me so often, Linda...

  4. Charming post! The photos of people with their pets are just wonderful.

  5. Beautiful photos! Love your blog, New Follower.


  6. I applaud this post Linda. I used to hear all too often from my older relatives and friends, how they feel ignored. They sit at the end of the table at gatherings while the conversation is going on around them, and no one includes them. Very sad indeed. I feel I was blessed at an early age by the friends of my parents, who were much older than they were, who would drop in for a cup of tea or a meal, and we would all listen to them tell their life stories. Yes, some we had heard many times before BUT if you were a good listener there was always something new added to the tale and those tales could be fascinating. To this day I love to talk to my elderly friends who all have lived a life and a half. We just need the patience to open our ears. How often I have heard when those dear people have passed on, I should have asked more questions!

  7. Our bible study group were just discussing recently how to recognize the gifts of the spirit. I think you have wonderful gift of caring for and about the elderly. I loved the photos you shared.

  8. Would love your email address. Mine is skcz at comcast dot net

    I LOVED this post and I sure do feel the same as you! sandie

  9. Oh! This is really sweet of you! I can see the sincerity in your words. I wish everyone would acquire such sympathy for the elderly. They are the reason we are here; we should give them a reason to stay a little longer. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece.


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