Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Way Things Were

I think at times we don't realize how far we have come over the decades...that is until we are reminded as to how things were in the past.  We sometimes refer to the past as "simpler times."  We also sometimes use the expression "Those were the days!"  Well, I know I do, and I am sure some of you do as well.  

I think that children that were born in the 1980's and onward...if they are able to see photos of vintage technology, they might say, "How did you ever survive without computers, colour TV, etc.?"  If someone asks me this question I will respond with, "We just did...that is all we had, and it did us just fine."  (with a smile, of course).  :)  

I found some photos that I wanted to share with you all to see what you think and/or remember.  

This first photo is of a 1930's stove with a side hot water well.  I love the look of this stove, but am not clear on the hot water well aspect, so if any of you are, please feel free to share your knowledge, I would very much appreciate it.

Next...a butterscotch Bakelite radio.  Simpler times indeed...just two buttons on this;  one for the volume, the other to change the channels.  Bakelite was something (I think) from the 1940' any of you remember any Bakelite products?  Please share if you do!

The next photo is of a 1958 phone booth.  I wouldn't mind having this at home!  :)

The next photo...I am going back more than a century with this one, to 1895!  An old Ford typewriter.

The last photo for today's post is a 1940's red Bakelite clock...yet another Bakelite product.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and/or memories.  Please click on the "comments" link at the end of my post to share.


  1. Ooooohh...I love that clock! Before my time, but if I had it now, it would suit me just fine.

  2. I don't see any well on the stove, unless it's in the back. You had to hand fill them, but there was a spout on the bottom to drain water from them. I remember Bakelite handles on kitchen knives and pans.

  3. My grandparents had a stove very similar to the one you've pictured, although they didn't have a hot water well. I don't recall the name 'bakelite', but the material looks very familiar.

  4. Stuk voor stuk horen ze thuis in een museum, Linda. Héél mooi gevonden van je !

  5. I remember the stove in Aunt Marie's kitchen in the 1940's. The hot water couldn't live without it. Uncle Ray pulled up a couple dippers full and took them into the bathroom to shave. Aunt Marie had instant hot water for dishes.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  6. Anonymous2:57 PM

    We had a neighbor who worked on clocks on radios when I was a kid and I remember the Bakelite.

  7. What a strange telephone cabin, could you imagine this in the present time.


  8. I think the stove and the radio are beautiful and would love to have them both!!! I would not even care if they work or not. The phone booth...I have never seen one like that before...I would have been 9 or 10 at the time.

  9. I know I sometimes yearn for time where the cell phone and internet did not exist, and when there was one day a week where everyone was off work together on same day (fire fighters, law enforcement, etc. being some exceptions.).

  10. The stove is so beautiful, it takes me back...................


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