Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Heat Wave in Montreal this Week

Montreal has been hit with a heat wave this week.  Temperatures are expected to rise at a very high level...up to 41 celsius (105.8 fahrenheit).  We are expected to have this for a few days.  Needless to say I will be taking the necessary precautions by drinking plenty of water and staying out of the heat as much as I can, only going out when I really need to and not for a long period of time.

Thank God my apartment has central air conditioning, because I really cannot handle temperatures of this magnitude.  Even though I have lived in Montreal my entire life, I have learned that the temperatures here can change quite rapidly and our last two winters were not bad at all, thankfully didn't reach 30 below celsius.  In fact, last summer and this summer have been far more difficult to bear than our winters here.  LOL!  So...after having shared all this, I hope that the photos I am sharing with you all today will "make your day."  I found these photos on the internet.  :)

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Thank you all so much for visiting me here.  I really appreciate and enjoy your feedback.  Please click on the "comments" link to share your thoughts.


  1. I am just starting to learn that it gets really hot in Canada.I had no idea, I always pictured it as chilly even in the summer.

  2. Really hot in Montreal ! Hope the sweltering heat subsides soon.

  3. Just wonderful Linda! Interesting and True facts.

    Summer is unbearable everywhere this year. You please take care :)

  4. As I cat lover, I really got a bang out of today's offerings!

    1. Hi Ms Sparrow, I am so glad to hear that. I especially laughed on the cat in the mailbox. LOL! :)

  5. My computer guy just checked me out and said my computer s safe and people can visit my blog.

  6. I don't want to miss you or your blog, Linda, so please take care... !
    And yes... funny pictures !

  7. Another great post with many a smile too.


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