Friday, July 06, 2012

My Walk by the Water

I took a walk by the water and came across some interesting and pretty things and thought I would share them here.

I am beginning to get a fair amount of practice using the zoom in feature on my Kodak digital, and it makes me realize how far I have to go to get fully comfortable with it.  However, I realize that if I don't play with it and practice it I won't improve, so here are the photos I took on this walk by the water.

This first photo is of a train that was passing by...and it was moving quite quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that I managed to capture it as clearly as I did, as I am not used to taking photos of quickly moving objects as yet.

These next few photos are of decorated rocks that I found by the waterfront.

I came across some Canada geese in the water on my walk. However, they were fairly far away and I needed to use the zoom in feature to capture them.  

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  1. the geese are very nice..
    do they hunt in Canada?

  2. Like the geese. They can be very active.


  3. You are giving me confidence to try more with the camera....thanks for the inspiration.

  4. You are getting quite good with the features on your camera. I really like those rocks you found during your walk.

  5. There isn’t a bit of motion on the moving train... Fantastic capture! Interesting rock decorations and goose on water.

  6. I love the art rocks. It looks like the artists designed the subject around the features of the rock. Very nice!

  7. Interesting, the train and motif of the stone, I love them.

  8. A nice walk by the water, Linda ! Lovely pictures... !


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