Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laughing Weather

This is a very short, one minute video.  It is in the German language, so I only understood a couple of words...however, there is no need to have any translation, as most of the video is uncontrollable laughter.  I think laughter is good medicine and contagious, and this lady made me laugh, as I hope she will do with you all as well!  

Hope this video brightens your day!  Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I really appreciate and enjoy reading your thoughts...which you can share by clicking on the 'comments' link at the end of my post.


  1. The laugh is cantagious! Quite entertaining !

  2. Laughter is, indeed, can you not help but laugh when you see something like this! Fun times! Merci!

  3. You're right it really funny and very contagious
    good evening

  4. Laughter is such a remedy.

  5. It is good to laugh, but what set her off?

    1. What set her off what the image of the man that was not supposed to be on her weather board. :)

  6. It was indeed contagious!

  7. Lol...

    That's so funny and great remedy. THanks for sharing :)

  8. It brightened up my day considerably. Thanks for!


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