Friday, September 21, 2012

My Good Friends' Turtle!

I had a 'visit' yesterday from my good friends' turtle.  :)  Well, they live really close to me and they have a red-eared slider turtle.  She is a very sweet turtle...but quite shy, especially with people she is unfamiliar with.  I had 'met' her before on a few occasions, however, on this occasion, they brought her to me in a smaller container so that I could spend a little time with her and get some photos...which I did.  Her regular 'home' is in an aquarium at my friends' home.  I put her on an old trunk I use as an end table that holds a lamp.  I put on a TV station that has just nature sounds...crickets, frogs, birds, sounds of the ocean, etc.  She seemed quite at home with this soft music and taking photos was easy for me.

On the topic of taking photos...for those of you who are more familiar with photography than myself, I have a question.  I have a Kodak Easyshare digital camera.  I learned last night something new.  I have taken most of my photos outdoors...this time they were taken indoors.  I noticed that  when I used the zoom in feature the photos came out dark...yet when I didn't use the zoom in feature the photos were brighter.  I wasn't certain as to why this happened.  I was zooming in at a close proximity to the turtle.  The photos
that I zoomed in were too dark to post here.

At any rate, I hope you will all enjoy these photos. :)

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  1. I've never seen a turtle close up like this...lovely little lady!

  2. I like turtles. They seem so innocent. We have a lot of them in Florida - a variety of different types. Re your question: I'm assuming you did not use a flash. You need a lot of light to take photos indoors without a flash. When you use a zoom lens, you effectively lower the amount of light available to you as it pulls the subject in closer. Try using your flash when you zoom in on a subject.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of great photographs!

  3. It is beautiful, but, I think that living in an aquarium is not really right, much better to be left alone, that's my thoughts.

  4. I had one of these a few years ago. One of my students order them over the internet and I owned my first turtle. It was the size of a quarter when I first had it. It was outside in a container that rain had flooded and he jumped over the edge and headed for the river. I had mine for about four years.

  5. Wasn't she feeling lonely..., just in a container of water... ?!
    At least there was good music and a very nice photographer !

  6. Cool looking turtle Linda...nice of your neighbor to bring it to your home to photograph. I agree with Lowell...when I take pix indoors they are yellowish looking but when I use my flash it's much better. I have something wrong with my camera's flash and have to open it manually. It's always been that way...should have taken it back and got another one. I do love your new "look." :)

  7. A little sad ! Not sure if a plastic box is right place for it ! It has no place to rest too, only water !


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