Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jazz for Cows

I decided to leave the title of my blog as is, it is of the video I am sharing.  You all know how much I love animals.  This is a two minute video of some musicians serenading a herd of cows!  I must say that the cows are very gracious and attentive...even more than some humans are!  :)  They came over to listen to the music and really enjoyed the serenade.  Hope you all enjoy this video!

I went out for a nice walk again today.  This time it was partly cloudy and partly sunny and still mild.  Here are the photos I took on my walk today.  I actually came across a cat!  I managed to get a photo of him/her as well.  :)  I was happily surrounded by animals and birds on this walk, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This first photo is of the cat...look up and you will see it, it is a black and white one.  :)

These next two photos are of squirrels that I came across in trees...and captured them on my camera.

I also made a post on my other blog, which I will post on occasionally.  Linda's Porch of Light

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I hope you all enjoyed the photos here that I took on my walk today.  

I really enjoy and appreciate reading your comments.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.


  1. I've heard that cows give more milk when listening to peaceful music. They don't seem to get into hard rock or rap. Apparently cows are smarter than people!

  2. :-))).. Nice pictures and funny video.. Regards..

  3. Oh my the video is fabulous, I enjoyed it so much...but not as much as the cows it seems haha! Great walk again, sweet little squirrels that look even cuter when you click and enlarge the shots.

  4. Front row of the stalls for the cows!

  5. Just once in my life I saw a squirrel in nature, Linda. So beautiful. It's not the first time I see them on your blog !

  6. I love your blog, very calm.

  7. Cows are curious animals and will often look and listen to humans. But they spook easily, too. We have a large herd of cows on a ranch just next to where we live and often hear them mooing at night!

    Squirrels are a little nutty! Pigeons...hmmm. I think they should mostly carry messages and stop breeding!

    The video is very nice, Linda.

  8. The cows listening to jazz are just darling. I love all the animal and bird pictures you shared today.

  9. That is funny about the cows. Grandpa had a dairy farm and generally they wouldn't walk over near us except when they knew it was time to head to the barn for milking. The music was quite good!
    I love that God gave you all kinds of animals to encounter on your walk today! HE knew we would enjoy seeing the pictures, too.


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