Thursday, December 27, 2012

Montreal Has Hit a Record!

Hi dear friends,

The blizzard that hit Montreal has dumped 43 centimeters on us...and it isn't fully done yet.  It is supposed to end tomorrow morning.  We hit a record for the largest amount of snow fallen in one day!  It will take the city at least a LEAST a week to clear it all up.

Some of you mentioned that you were unable to see the photos I posted...the ones I took of our first blizzard on Saturday, 5 days ago.  Well, I have actually been able to post them.  The reason I had been uploading my photos elsewhere for a while now is because Blogger kept saying that I had reached my quota for photos.  I cannot afford to pay, so I got a free account elsewhere for photos and had been sharing them from there.

So here are my photos, which I edited my last post to add.
Blizzard Photos  Click on each photo to see an enlarged view.

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  1. Finally I can see them! Stay safe!! I hope you don't have to go out.

  2. You poor thing I can't comprehend such cold. Keep safe and warm.

  3. It looks like it's going to be a snowy year. We had more snow overnight so the wild turkeys are scratching in the snow to get at their food this morning. I put out chopped up stale bread and cracked corn but it sinks into the new soft snow so they have to dig to get at it.

  4. Those pgotos made me shiver here on the balcony, remembering British winters!

  5. 43 cm... ! Hope you are still warm and feeling fine anyway...
    I could see the pictures.
    Big warm hug, Linda !

  6. I have no idea what the feeling might be, but I think I don't want to know! :-) Take care and stay warm.

  7. What a blizzard, it's terrible. Do you know, that almost all of the world had the worse they have seen. Snow and floods.

  8. It is tough to be caught up in the middle of a blizzard. Hope it gets over soon. Take care and stay safe indoors.

  9. As long as you are safe my friend.

    Great storm shots too.

    Happy New Year.


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