Friday, December 14, 2012

Panpipes at Christmas

Sending you all much love and hugs and many thanks for all your responses to my posts, it is always greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for being there!

Hope you all enjoy this mellow Christmas music.


  1. Always beautiful, Linda !
    Sweet dreams...

  2. An unusual instrument for Christmas but nice to hear.


  3. Pretty! I always thought they sounded like a recorder.

  4. Eating about 20 cherries a day decreases your risk of getting another gout attack by half. This is not a myth it is on WebMD, here is the link: You can also get strong cherry capsules. I hope you feel better fast!!!

    1. Hi Ginny, thanks. The doctor prescribed something that will prevent future attacks, as I am prone to getting it, unfortunately. I have had 6 attacks of it. Thanks for your comment.


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