Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Took a Walk Today with my Camera!

Hi everyone!  The video I have chosen for this post is "Jeepers Creepers" (The Four Modernaires, 1938).  Hope you all enjoy it.

Today was a beautiful day in Montreal.  Cold, yes, but not freezing, and it was sunny.  It was a perfect day for me to take a nice half  hour stroll with my camera, and I seized the opportunity!  I went by the water and found about 100 ducks.  Here is a photo I took of them.  You just need to click on the image to see a larger view.

Thank you all so much for visiting me here!  I really appreciate and enjoy reading your thoughts, which you can always share by clicking on the 'comments' link at the end of my post.


  1. Now THAT'S a song with a message!

  2. Ah, I remember the song, Sherry remembers the words, singers and Crosby.
    A beautiful shot of the breaking freeze and some COLD ducks.
    Thanks for taking us on the walk.
    From Florida, stay warm....

  3. Such a oool image you snapped! And I do remember this song. I did know about The Modernaires, but have forgotten their name long ago.

  4. Beautiful picture of breaking ice. The water is so blue!

  5. we finally got snow today

  6. Oh, those poor ducks in that icy water!

  7. Nice music, Linda, while I'm looking at your ducks !

  8. I love the way you add music to your posts. I used to have playlist and can't find another vehicle that works.

  9. Good morning, Linda! Love the song. We'd sing it a lot. "Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers." That's about all I remember!

    Sounds like you had a good day for a stroll and the ducks were obliging. Did you ever try sneaking up a bunch of ducks and suddenly yelling, "Duck!"? I wonder what would happen? If you do try it, let me know. OK?

    Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday! It's too cold to venture outside here! Ugh!

  10. Anonymous10:29 AM

    That was such a beautiful picture!!I love seeing ducks swimming on a relaxing..

  11. I am glad that you went out in the sun, shining and snowy in Montreal.

  12. It has been a chilly few days here in Illinois. Walking the dogs is about all the cold I can endure. Saint Bernard, Jesse, LOVES it! He runs in circles & dive bombs his Pug brothers! I'm glad there is no duck pond near us. I wouldn't be surprised to see him dive in! He adores cold weather.
    This must be the time of year for people to be open to the idea of adopting a new dog. Our Humane Society had six dog adoptions this week, & many more applications turned in for other dogs. We also had four cat adoptions, including two gorgeous Persians who were feline leukemia positive. They could live several more happy years in a home without other cats. The Humane Society has had a wonderful week!
    Jonquils are up & budded, & I've heard that lilac bushes have started to bud. I am SO ready for spring!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Much love.

  13. Good afternoon Linda!... Enjoyed my first visit... to your Lair!

    Not only are your visuals stimulating and refreshing... but your words are uplifting and very much support my view about the value of blogging!

    Your posts show ypur obvious commitment to presenting an optimistic and intellectual view of your own life... and your place in it!

    Good for "You"! keep up the great work... I'll be back!

    Good Bloggin'...
    Warmest regards,

  14. Great that you are out and about...and, my favourite...ducks!

  15. I adore hats like that gal is wearing.


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